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I actually do like some of the work that he puts out, but when I remember that he's just a hack it makes me enjoy it a lot less.

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holy fuck this made my night

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fucking KEK

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>as his body shakes so hard it separates into green and red


Seriously though, why would Ilya ever even want to work for a japanese animation studio? He makes more per month than the average japanese slave labor animator makes annually.

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He's an unapologetic weeaboo. And, considering the fact that he is pretty much the biggest fan-art artist on the internet right now, I think a lot of studios wouldn't mind snatching him even if he ends up doing same lazy ass portraits he does anyways.

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At least he changes the background now

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What is referencing?

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referencing is getting the information you need to fulfill your visions from compositions you come up with and not copying shit 1:1

you're not gonna make it

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wew what a hack

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Do you think japs themselves know about the shit he pulls off? He seems to be pretty big in there too so there must have been SOME discussion on the nip boards.

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Thinking about that one Dali quote right now

Fuck this dude is """""proficient""""" but boring as hell

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they don't care, as long as it fits their moe fantasy they will buy anything off you

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nice one kr0n

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I don't know, Japan seems to be pretty tryhard in every aspect so I can imagine them ridiculing a gaijin hack like him if anyone actually bothered to expose him to the public. If not then, well, I guess he does have a place in this world.

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Hello kr0n.

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I believe he already does/did a lot of storyboarding work.

/ic/ loves to shit on him but when he's not being lazy he can seriously draw.

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lol shut the fuck up

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Not a fan but I do see the appeal in his drawings. There are some of his works that I do like and I like the way he draws his women, cute n pretty. But, it would be nice to see him make some ACTUAL original work than just copying references and such. Now copying from references is not a utter sin in the art community, many artists do it, but the difference is that he does it 24/7 and he rarely (maybe never) gives credit to the original source or mentions that the idea/design of the drawing is entirely based on the original source. Also, when he copies a ref, he uses the ENTIRE ref as the base/purpose of the drawing. While others use refs to fulfill a small proportion of their drawing while the rest is completely made by their own visions and original ideas.
Example: An artist uses a ref to see how to correctly draw muscles of their character in a fighting scene. Oh, and don't forget the over use of filters.

I was gonna write a simple comment here but then I when full rant mode. Sorry everyone.

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Dammit, can't do spoilers for shit

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So this is the guy you nerds put on a pedestal.
Jesus Christ /ic/.
You're a sad lot.

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Are you retarded or is this your first day on /ic/? Kron is like one of the most ridiculed artists on this whole board.

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>those brush strokes
he really doesnt give a fuck

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brush efficiency. Reminds me Loomis and Leyendecker.

Learn from him instead of being jealous.

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epic, does he pay you for shilling? He probably doesnt even have to.

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>He probably doesnt even have to.

He doesn't have to pay anyone, just like you shitpost for free.

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its pathetic then that you are shilling for a talentless piece of shit for free

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I really like Kron's work. His color and rendering style really appeals to me, and I hope to be able to draw girls as cute as his.

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More talent than you, forever.

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If you think that its hard to surpass this garbage, you are more delusional than I thought.

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was my first post in the thread friend, saw it as I scrolled on by. Don't particularly care about Kr0n one way or the other, but you will always be more pathetic for your obsessive hate and shitposting than anyone will be for an obsessive enjoyment and praise of his art.

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Doesn't mater about me, what matters is that you will never amount to anything in art. So keep up your shitposting, keep it up. ;)


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do it, faggot. You won't, 'cause you can't, because you're too busy shitposting to put in the alleged tiny amount of effort to surpass him. You get off on deluding yourself that you're better by shit-talking anonymously, because you lack the ability to put your money where your mouth is.

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Neva Eva m8 ;)

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I am not obsessive with hatred, its just you kr0n cucks are shitting this board way to hard with his trash work. Its okay to praise it on deviantart or other shithole though, so feel free to do that there.

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You seem salty as fuck, have you stopped drawing recently because you realized you are retarded and cant do simple shit?

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>I am not obsessive with hatred, its just you kr0n cucks are shitting this board way to hard with his trash work.

Hit the hide thread button and fuck off, I do it all the time with Chunbum threads and Illustrat threads while fucking idiots like you bump them ad-nauseum with your incessant need to whine or feel superior.

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Neva Eva!

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Its third thread about kr0n this week. If that is not shilling for you then I dont know what is. Sure I can hide that thread and forget it, Ill probably do that now but knowing that more of this is going to appear soon makes me wonder if /ic/ is really worth anything. If you cant keep your playground clean, whats the point? Hacks should stick with other hacks, simply just fuck off and suck his dick elsewhere you imbeciles.

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Proportions are off.

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Thanks Batman, we know you're shitposting incessantly like a fucking child for the good of all of us.
Hide the thread and fuck off.
Or don't, but I'm going to, because you're exactly part of the problem you're whining about. How about you do your part in "keeping the playground clean" by shitposting less, because you're not going to make Kr0n threads stop happening.

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how else is he going to live in Japan if not with a work visa?

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I'm willing to bet that's just an overpainted screenshot.

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>high levels of assblasted posts still permeates to this day.

Never change /ic/

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Kr0n is a genius, trolls of /ic/ hate his fame and money, they never will be better, their works are shit, their lives are shit, never gonna make it
What is thier next victim?
Guweiz? Irakli? WLOP? Euclase? ElenaSai? Sakimi? Akariot? Su-ke? Nummy Yummy? John Park? Craig Mullins? Jana Schirmer? Jason Chan? Anthony Jones? Dadonfuga? Lian Xing? Snatti? Ruan Jia? Artgerm? RossDraws? Hgjart? ZeenChin? KrenzCushart?
Haters are shit

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>calling someone out means you are assblasted

Giving a critique? Its 2016, come on!

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you are autistic, i give you that. That makes it certain that kr0n fans are braindead retards

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"It's just jealousy" and "better than you" are hardly arguments for kr0n.

Still, 10 RUB has been deposited into your account.

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I wonder when his patreon will get shut down for getting money off someones else property.

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never, patreon is barely regulated

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Thank you for your donation shitpost-chan.

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Probably never, considering what he's doing is technically legal and companies usually encourage fan art. At this point fan backlash has a better chance of shutting him down, not that the chance is high.

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>generic 3/4 view cropped bust shot
>no interesting perspective
>no interesting expression
>extreme blur filters
>grain filters

He is a one trick pony that heavily plagiarizes on reference materials and presents it as if he didn't then backpedals by calling it a "tribute" when someone finds what he copied from.

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You could tell when someone directly copied from an anime screenshot.

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Yeah that's the point of a study. kek

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Nice! Here's my tribute.

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There is nothing impressive about being a human xerox machine, I guess you're going to call everything you didn't conjure out of your imagination a "study" now?

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People still give money to him,
Everyday his fanbase grow up
his artbook is a best-seller

What can /ic/ trolls do for destroy him now?


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>pointing out the obvious from someone who blatantly plagiarizes other work is now a troll

There is nothing to do but watch and wait, sooner or later he's going to crash and burn unless he steps out of his comfort zone and stops plagiarizing he's only digging himself into a deeper hole.

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U Neva Eva Gonna Make it!

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needs a half open mouth for that dramatic effect

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>he's only digging himself into a deeper hole.
what whole? i don't see anyone giving Ilya shit outside of /ic/, the guy is only getting good things after another. in the past few months alone he's gotten a cover in imaginefx, interview in a japanese magazine, and now a book.

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hole* shit

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>There is nothing to do
yes, nothing
enjoy your life
Kr0n-sama wim always

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everyone loved MTV for a while too, look at them now

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Let's see some of your work, then.

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No one gives a shit about who's being a plagiarizing hack anymore. /ic/ seems like the only place to bitch about kr0n/irakli/wojtek/etc.

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They don't even line up, you fucking retard.

Learn the difference between "tracing" and "reference". Or - OR - better yet, actually DO SOME FUCKING STUDYING.

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>wants to direct his own movies
>can't even come up with one original painting concept that some other artist hasn't drawn before him

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Wellcome to /ic/
we love Ilya
We don't care about "study cases"
he is the russian hero
Give him the money!

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Why should give him money when I can drop a heap of his patreon stuff for free that I found online right now.

-It Includes recorded drawing streams,PSD and the JPEGs

Got lot more.

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Japan seems to have pretty well embraced tracing and any methods that'll speed up production. They've developed software with poser models to trace or reference poses, they use screen/zip tones to do faster texture fills, and a lot of manga has straight up posterized photos pasted in for backgrounds. Japan can be pretty tryhard but they aren't above using shortcuts.

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>It looks like he's stealing ideas, but it's okay because he labeled them "tributes/studies"

Why are kr0npr1nz/Ilya Kuvshinov fans so gullible.

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You're never going to make it. ;)

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>5 years later anon will still post this picture here
Screencap this.

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i got some of these a while back too. i don't see how there's any value for people wanting to learn with his videos, 95% of his works depend on his sketching style that only he can do because he personalized it for years. his actual coloring is very simple. you don't need a video to figure it out

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You never gonna make it

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Why don't any of you understand how much skill it takes to not only be able to draw from a reference but to make it your own? Do you think all those beautiful old paintings you love had no reference? Many of them used models and long studio sessions. If they didn't they'd still do tons of studies from life and use those as pieced together references. Whenever we have study threads here 98% of the drawings aren't even well drawn let alone looking like the reference and getting a drawing to look like a reference is a major step in achieving higher levels of art. When you shut out things you don't think you need or won't help you learn all you're doing is holding yourselves back, I can tell you I've had to go back and study a lot of things I thought were pointless during my growth and regretted not being open to them in the first place. That guy was right you should learn from him and anyone you can rather than be in denial of the skill in their work.

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huesosina sukablyad

>> No.2788350

Well I think the coloring and lightning component in the videos/PSD may hold some value to a lot /ic/ newbies to intermediate artists since majority on them can't do it well.

I also notice not everyone here can follow written critique or guide on such matter. Though I do agree that these ain't really for absolute beginners since most have't learnt the core knowledge when coming into digital painting or drawing in general.

aka loomis,perspective,keyboard shortcuts,sketching skills,color theory,lighting,layers etc.

Still that's just my opinion and each to their own. And if some newbie can find some value in these then good for them. But I won't drop these out since It may cause more of a ruckus. Unless there's a demand.

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Yeah, that Death Parade one especially needed lots of skills, what a boss.

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chose one mother fucker

>> No.2788361

t. kronprinz defender

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drawing from models =/= copying 90% of an existing artwork and profiting from it

studies done to understand an artwork =/= copies of popular artwork posted on social network

>> No.2788368

To be honest I don't like this artist because of their sameface animoeblob style but I have to admit they can color pretty nicely in some of their work.

>> No.2788373

Does he feel no remorse, no shame? His entire life's work is based on stealing other people's shit, one would know better to avoid making such statements

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>drawing from models =/= copying 90% of an existing artwork and profiting from it

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I don't know if this comment real or not desu

>> No.2788386

Death Parade was draw in CSP. It's not tracing. There is a video process

>> No.2788389

implying he wasnt always stealing and making worthless shit

>> No.2788403

every week on every big drawing board at least one tread about Kuvshinov. Why?
Btw, talented guy, but he needs to ends stagnation and do something new

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Are any of those drawing streams useful to learn from? I feel like looking at some of the stuff that's been floating aorund anything that's important seems to have been skipped over.

>> No.2788429

>as his body shakes so hard is separates into green and red
this one got me

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Surprising that the reference screenshot"death parade" is kind of difficult imo. Probably a 7/10 on hard scale to accurately do a 1:1 study for me.

It's do able, a lot easier than hibike genga or haikyuu closeups "that shit is like tough" 8/10 hard imo.

Some of it. I notice some things that I could improve on via seeing the way he sketches and the time he took. I don't do digital painting as of yet. I think a person has to figure out on their own about how much you can get out of studying under a artist or their work.

So yeah. Maybe a closer examination in the future give me more insight to talk about him and he's techniques more detail when I do digital.

And if people are interested still in the future I'll some of the more interesting content for you guys/girls.

Sorry for late reply, look for that niuya's haikyuu genga was so fricking hard to find.

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holy shit

>> No.2788608


They're arguments against the idiots who say it's easy to do what he does.
If they can't put their money where their mouth is (never once in the almost limitless shitpost threads against a myriad of popular artists have I seen an artist do this) it's probably not as easy as they're saying it is.

You can dislike him, you can dislike his art, but if you're going to say it doesn't take skill and you can easily do better, let's see you do better. If it's so easy it shouldn't take you long to prove it.

>> No.2788611

>post your work
>Not the lowest form of retaliation to any critcism

No one's throwing him under the bus, he lives under it. Sorry that your hero is a hack.

>> No.2788614

You don't even know what a hack is. None of you know what you're talking about. The biggest downfall of the majority of people here is your ignorance and bull-headedness.

>> No.2788620

kr0n and her beta orbiter f1rez should seriously fucking kill themselves

kr0n if you're reading this fuck off your eyes and shit are ugly

stop talking about this asshole and just post the tracing shit when another thread pops up

you should be drawing and not wasting time on these retards

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Anyone with tiny bit of common sense (not even artistic ability, common sense) can see why someone like kr0n who plagiarizes and panders to normies is frowned upon on this Ruan-worshipping board.

If we're lucky maybe he'll someday die from seizure.

Implying anyone who "made it" will ruin their career by admitting participation in a trump-supporting KKK neo-nazi hacker website.

>> No.2788662

fine artists paying for models and posing them themselves to create an image that didn't exist before is kinda different than someone copying a photo someone else took. In the former case, the artist decides on anything, the composition and poses, the camera angle etc. In the latter case, the artist just copies without any creativity on his own.

>> No.2788685

Zero reply. Looks like another sperghater cowered out.

>> No.2788720

this isn't Ilya, but another artist that was on the rise and is earning $600 on patreon was just found out to be a tracer. and worse, they've been accused of it before and had abandoned 7 accounts after being called out each time. she traced sakimichan, ilya, zeronis, and wlop among others


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>> No.2788735

Wow, great comeback! You sure showed him, fuckface.

>> No.2788749

>paying for models
Google translate this page lmao

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>Implying anyone who "made it" will ruin their career by admitting participation in a trump-supporting KKK neo-nazi hacker website.

I will slice your shitposting with greentext of truth
>they guy who exposed scandal around Kr0n was JimboBox - James Ghio
>he's one who created first bomb thread in /ic/
>and he's one who publicly called him out on DA
>and he's one who called him out personally
>according to him, he actually talk with Kr0n week before, but he ignored all warnings
>Jimbo is professional artist from Ubisoft
>his carrier is completely untouched
>Sakimi posted about Kr0n too
Now DEFEND YORUSELF, backpedaling shitter

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That reminds me of Cris Ortega, whose career plummeted after getting called out. People don't seem to care about who's being a copying hack anymore, it's a shame, considering in most cases the original artist spent 999% more time and effort.

Read any "Art of" books and you'll see the skill, time, and effort that goes into creating a promotional image from start to finish. Things like posing ,camera placement, focal length, props, adjusting all the different lights, tweaking things in photoshop, etc. I don't know what anime artists go through, but I imagine it can sometimes get arduous too.

Then here comes these Patreon drones, promoting themselves across social media with pretty much the exact image, pumping out copies after copies of their "studies" and "tributes".

Developers and publishers encourage fanart and badmouthing artists gets you a bad rep, it's rare to see anyone that isn't anonymous talking about it. It feels naive to think this, but it's disheartening seeing all these copy/paste machines being widely accepted these days.

>> No.2788774


"It's fucking easy to be better than him, he's shit!" is hardly criticism, and those are the fucking morons I'm talking to.

>> No.2788776

>badmouthing artists gets you a bad rep
No. It's meme.
Pro tip
>world not rotates around Patreon and noname Patreon artists. Patreon not designed for professionals
Litteraly no one gives a fuck except /ic/ because of salt and wet anon's dreams about making $$$ doing nothing.

>> No.2788777

I remember their posts. Those started on ic, but got posted on FB and DA, kr0n even made a post about it himself. This is just a single thread reposting those images with a some faggot spamming "never gonna make it" and "post your work". If there's anyone posting "their work" here, we might as well assume they took it from somewhere else.

>> No.2788779

Spoken like a true cheater.

>> No.2788785

Cheating in illustration/manga/comics will be exposed someday thanks to unstoppable internet collective maid without borders and language barriers.
Concept art is nothing but photobash so it's okay.

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File: 43 KB, 575x400, 2006-05-09_045906_blueb-charltonheston.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You realise that every artist you look up to who has ever walked across the face of the earth collages reference like this, right?



Or are you now going to try and claim that the greatest comic artist of all time was a hack and a fraud?

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File: 889 KB, 1152x864, 1456441697753.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Moebius didn't make a career from copying photos you fucking retard. Obviously there is nothing wrong with using reference or doing studies from photos. But if literally ALL you do is copy photos someone else took or artwork someone else drew without ever expressing a single creative thought, then yes, that does make you a hack.

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File: 420 KB, 1242x1242, tumblr_ohnzten7591qla6e4o4_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he belives Kr0n posting here
>literally ALL
find me source for this picture. Or find me source for last 50 "non study" pictures from his tumblr

>> No.2788831

It's hard to tell slavs with broken english apart, but being slav I know no slav would defend faggot weeb.

>> No.2788837

>find me source for this picture.

He literally said in the tumblr post where he posted those that they were fashion mag studies you dumb shit.

>> No.2788838

Oh come on. You're bad at Kr0nposting holy shit. Got fucked twice. Practice your skills more. Someone should create Sakimichan thread because kronshit is boring already

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Your neva eva gonna make it.

>> No.2788858

>egotistical and hypocritical
>his controversy started on /ic/
>recent kr0n discussions here
>russian engrish posters coming out of the woodwork
I'm not saying the possibility is high, but will it really surprise anyone if he just so happens to be one of them.

>> No.2788865

>living tokyo
>earning dosh for doing something he enjoys
>implying he gives anytime of day to /ic/ shitposters

Wew lads. I think people here have been sipping on that koolaid for far too long.

>> No.2788867

>working on patreon/manga
>freelance job
>learning japanese
Not possible. It's midnight in Japan you know

>> No.2789156

So the definition of "making it" is just shitposting about more popular artists. Now I see why /ic/ is filled with absolute garbage

>> No.2789190

Well actually he did. Most of his comic work features numerous photo swipes. As does the work of Neal Adams, Ryoichi Ikegami, Bill Sienkewicz, Will Eisner, Katsuhiro Otomo, etc etc.

>> No.2789222

the current year*

>> No.2789225

the samefagging in this thread is off the fucking charts

>> No.2789228

justin roiland still goes on /co/ and kr0n is an insignificant little bug compared to him

>> No.2789245



>> No.2789510
File: 460 KB, 900x900, 1481943733110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You only think he's good because you are shit.

>> No.2792247

I mean they do it for the money because they can...
And they do nothing else but this repetitive shit

such a waste

>> No.2793893

How is he able to draw this thing without "construction lines" ?

>> No.2794008

Most good artists reach a point where they can mentally visualise the construction and go straight to form/contour/detail. It's just a matter of grinding your fundamentals.

>> No.2795581
File: 324 KB, 1032x1062, fungchinpang.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't understand why he would downgrade himself to copying other illustrators constantly when it's obvious he has (or had) decent talent at drawing, unless he's lying about it like Amuria.

Actually the more I think about it he's pretty much the 2010s equivalent of Amuria.

>> No.2795800

lol is that really ilya? He looks different than that b&w photo of him in that one magazine

>> No.2795840
File: 2.03 MB, 1518x3189, copies do not give rise to diversity and originality.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wait, Fcp? Kr0n copied Cellar-fcp? Damn it kron really has no shame.

>> No.2796093
File: 403 KB, 1280x1280, 1481488141830.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why is he hated here ? I legit don't know, I once posted pic related and I got shat on. I don't come on this board enough to know why

>> No.2796099

What a piece of shit.

>> No.2796110

my sides just melted

>> No.2796114
File: 45 KB, 486x409, 1482238849128.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2796271
File: 936 KB, 644x644, Screenshot_142.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I don't come on this board enough to know why
Newfag plz leave.

>> No.2796411
File: 544 KB, 997x997, rsz_example_collage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought it was obvious he renders over photos, his digital painting style is a dead give away. I don't believe he does it for every single photo, but for majority of his studies/fan art I know he does.

Here are some artist who renders over photos, same rendering style. They've been uploading before kr0n was even a thing.

I'll upload the digital walk through video as well for those who are confused by what I mean by rendering over a photo

>> No.2796421

What the fuck is going on in that Lain picture

>> No.2796457

Anon, you should be really autistic if "realistic" render is something impossible for.

>> No.2796635

No kron doesn't do that. You can see it his evolution through his older and crappier digital paintings.

But you can believe what you want.

>> No.2798743

Didn't this guy turn out to be just a tracing fraud?

>> No.2798745

>he actually made it

Finally, we have proof!

>> No.2798746
File: 12 KB, 236x250, osaka fgsfds.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you a woman? Because you post exactly like a woman does when they don't have anything meaningful to say. Snarky and smug without realizing how fucking childish you sound.

>> No.2798756

>No kron doesn't do that.

>> No.2800717

>Being jelaous of Irakli

Guy literally can't live without tracing and paint overs, why would I be jelaous of him?

>> No.2800721

Jealousy is not the term to use here, what we're witnessing is a detest towards IIlya due to his questionable "tributes" as he so well put after he was found to plagiarize other work.

>> No.2800729

I understand that part, I was pointing out that anon's post because Irakli is even bigger hack than Illya IMO

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