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anyone have scans of this book? sorry, couldnt find artbook thread

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I'm also interested

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That shit don't exist.

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I have a book thou i don't have a scanner. Alla Prima №1 basically same shit, thou there are some adjustments to text and more paintings he shares. Back then I read fist edition in pdf on my laptop and get a real book some time after (when I got a job) as a present for my sister (aeeeehh and for myself actually).

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I have it photocopied because it was out of print when I got it.

It's a nice book specifically if you're an OIL painter who works PLEIN AIR.

I'm going to summarize what he talks about and write down some interesting bits (most of these I had underlined). Not necessarily ad litteram:

> Talent [...] just assume that you do [have it] and forget about it

> Self-doubt it utterly cripping to painters.

> Stick to the simplest solutions [when painting] [...] What you paint is more important than how you paint it

> Appropriate edges are key
He does stress a TON on edges in the book. He's a very impressionistic painter (a-la Sargent), his paintings are very loose and simple, with detail only in the focused areas like the face.

> Slow down.

> If there's something wrong with your painting, it's one of these four things: COLOR, VALUE, DRAWING or EDGES.

> Stressing on importance of color temperature (you can read about this in Color and Light).

> Paint with the largest brush you can choose for the task

> Don't work on photos taken by others

> His oil painting process (turp washes, then drawing etc.)

> Establish the general tones then paint details into 'em (rather than drawing e.g. facial features before toning the skin

> More oil technique

> Block-in vs. Grisaille

> Drawing is measuring / see things as patches of color
I don't know if he works sight-size but he doesn't seem to work with a constructive method.

> simple shapes etc. etc.

> break down curves in different planes

> use a very obvious element such as a straight line, a triangle, a square [within the figure] as your anchor for the rest of the drawing

> values & color
Check the David Gray video on color swatches. This goes a lot into paints / pigments / color mixing so I doubt it would interest the majority of people here (which I assume work digitally)

> Squint / simplify values into areas of contrast

> Highlights are not as bright as you think they are


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> skin tone looks "muddy" when the temperature is wrong

> Edges
possibly the most useful and hard to summarize part of the book. It talks about edges and how to approach them, how to tell if something has a soft or hard edge, how color and value influence edges

> color and light
ironically you can get most of this in the book of the same name by James Gurney

> oil-related stuff on color mixing

> Composition
the usual stuff on lines of action etc.
you can read most of this in Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre

> opinions on working from photos and tracing
He's a plein air painter and portraiture artist, you can guess. He's got a point given the way he works. He's a loose painter who nails a very small area of detail and interest within a picture, and perception of things in real life helps him do that

> when you work from a photo you should adopt the same restrictions and workflow as working from life

> The Art Spirit

It's kind of an advanced book, for oil painters who want to draw semi-impressionistic portraits. There's a lot of philosophy on painting in the book, and relatively little hands-on how-to. It's not an instructional book in a strict term.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks man for taking your time to type this, it's very helpful, at least to one n00b like me.

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Apart from the instructions the paintings are amazing. His portraits are so strong.

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based, thanks anon

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Anybody have this?

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thanks a ton, anon

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You're a tip top lad, m8.

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I know it is somewhere here, but where I don't know.
I have a link to it but when I try to link that instead, 4chan tells me it's spam


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Since pastebin seems to work I guess I can just link to it through that

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thanks anon, you're the best

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