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If you're designing a race of bird people, what makes more sense?

Wings on back, or wings on arms?

I'm trying to create a species of bird-likes. Lore is that they evolved from the blood of the Goddess of wind that's essentially a Kirin+Sylph, so they have a lot of those traits.

I'm looking at harpies, garuda, tengu, and other fictional creatures.

Their culture is very Mesopotamian/Zoroastrian and they're highly advanced and good at magic.

Key things in design:
>no beaks (it looks silly)
>tallish with long limbs, longer than human limbs.
>feathers act as hair on humans
>have wings and claws and can fly
>pointy ears of some sort (not sure on the size)
>Kirin Horn of varying sizes on forehead (recently added idea)
>have feathered tails

I think that's it.

So, any ideas on the wing placement? What makes more sense?

At first I thought that the placement of the wings would determine social hierarchy, like different races.

But then I thought about the clothing, and wasn't sure what to do.


I've sketched a few things, but this is the one I've got scanned atm, which is a bit dated, but it kinda gets the idea down.

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That's literally what design is. If you're intending to design something, that's your job. Don't ask other people.

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This. I'll give you a hint though: look at how relatively huge the breast muscles of birds are and their relative wingsize in order to enable flight. It might be a somewhat overdone concept btw. Good luck, bud.

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Well, I was just asking for some second opinions, das all. I'll post some varied sketches later to ask people on the most intersting/original one.

So, give all the females huge tiddies, got it!


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Tits are not muscle brah

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Your design can go in two directions:
1. They fly because of magic and fantasy. Put the wings on their back.
2. They fly because of biology. Read this tutorial: http://uzlo.deviantart.com/art/Thoughts-on-Wings-180464319

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Wings for arms, get some little hands coming out at the proper proportion for a human, the wingspan is much larger.

Mash a beak and nostrils of a bird with side mounted human eyes?

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There's no reason they can't have muscles in their back to support wings on their back, but i like a mix of both; wings to the elbows that diverge from their into wings, so the forearms still look somewhat humanoid. Wings on the back look pretty shit imo.

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Pick animal(istic) features that you think best exemplify the traits you want to convey this species as having. They're magic bird people: biological plausibility left the building 5 minutes ago.

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Biologically speaking, the forelimbs of birds evolved into wings for flight. It is the insects and such that have wings which are not modified limbs.

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If ever you decide to put wings on their backs i think it would be plausible if the wings are on the middle of their backs. Shoulders would probably make it harder for them to flap if the wings are on the shoulder blades. also longer torsos would make flapping easier.

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Alright, I've read through everything and have given different ideas consideration.

I think wings on arms is more ideal since it gives me more options in clothing, and I think overall looks more balanced and original.


Newer drawings are at the bottom.

Also, I think that I'm gonna give them "reptilian" legs, where its segmented into three parts. The male at the bottom kinda grabs what I mean by this, and I think that overall, it gives it a good feel.

Also, I drew a female in some attire to kinda get an idea of where to go to in terms of culture and such.

Also, I was thinking what to do in terms of weaponry. Aside from magic, I see these creatures fighting with their legs a lot, so some blade on the legs, kinda like ice skates with large blades, seem to make sense for combat.

As for their flight, I think that I'm gonna reduce their wing-span some by justifying that flight is enabled through Air magic. They control the air around them by creating gusts to facilitate flight.

I think this is good for two reasons, 1, I don't want the wings to be so big they get in the way of day to day stuff. And 2, aside from the fact that this is a very magically advanced race, a creature that large and heavy wouldn't be able to lift from the ground with wings if it didn't have some outside propulsion, I did some reading on why "it's impossible for humans to even have wings (even with bioengineering), So I think this kinda works well since it meshes well with the lore I was building up.

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This is interesting.

How do longer torsos make flapping wings easier?

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it looks very appealing

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Wings on arm it is. However, I still say no on the beaks and stuff since I do want them to look humanoid for story reasons.

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im diggin what you got going on here. keep it up!

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Arms are a must because you need to look to the real ways that evolution works.

Think about extending fingers out to make the struts of the wing. Mammal that evolved wings from hands.

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and see that the pterodactyl's pinky finger is actually what evolved to support the wing.
If you are going to add wings that come back off the forearm, you can extend the pinky.

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I'll update later as I get more stuff going.

Yeah, I went with arms since I liked the look of it the most, plus, I think that it gives me a fair deal to work with terms of creativity for how it would affect the culture.

And yeah, it makes the most sense in terms of evolution, and cool enough, it matches up with some concepts I had for an aquatic species where the fins came off the forearm as well. So it kinda leads into evolutionary theory with similar traits.

As for the 2nd pic, that's interesting that it was the pinky that evolved. I'm trying to have a way to give them use of their hands though, that's why atm, I have the wing kinda come off from the wrist, so they have the hands free to hold things and case spells. I'll see what I can manage, but yeah, atm I'm drawing skeletons and shit to see how the anatomy would more or less work.

One thing that's certain is that the wing, and especially the bones of the wing, both have to be very flexible and most of all, foldable, which is good cause most wings are, but the main reason is for day to day things. Kinda see the wings gracefully dragging by their sides as they walk, and sit and stuff.

In combat they're mostly leg focused since they arms/wings are occupied with maintaining flight.

I was also thinking about how they might have evolved into having wings. I was giving thought into the ostrich, and figured I'd probably start drawing some sketches of something kinda similar to have a leway for evolution as well as creatures that might have led into the evolution of the intelligent "bird."

Some guys on /adv/ gave some neat advice as to the evolutionary aspect of them.

And then I began to consider what sorts of weaponry rivals would use to combat such a creature. I figured the lance and the bow would be most effective early on. Which is cool I wanted to give that weapon more light that the "typical sword."

A lot of things to take into consideration, which is kinda neat.

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Nets are common weapons against birds and fish.

Scattering ammunition is another way to take down a bird.

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Ahh that's good too!

I was thinking that any human that would fight agaisnt them would mainly need to take flight.

One of the aspects I was developing was one o f the human empires, which is very grecco-roman.

One of their key things, and their sigil is the Griphon. I think this would lead to more development or aerial focused fighting, with humans taming griphons as opposed to horses for the sake of being able to compete. And well as technology progresses, it would explain why Airships need to be a thing, rather than a standard navy, and with magic existing as a factor, it would make sense that humans would eventually learn to develop and apply it into technological tools.

Nets defo make sense, and humans placing more focus in having the maneuverability of their rivals in the skies would lead to development of things like airships and ornithopters quite early on. Or at least, earlier than our time-line.