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What do you think of sakimichan?

Heres the link to her patreon, if you'd like to see more cool art

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inb4 deletion

sakimichan is terrible.

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i don't like her, but is that stocking?

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So is false flag shilling the new hip troll tactic now?

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most likely, she's does fan art

12 year old detected

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go back to /pol/

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What the fuck is going on with that torso?

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you guys need to stop hanging around at deviantart and try somewhere else if you're sick of seeing salami
I don't really see her anywhere else

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>not knowing 4chan speak
go to bed grandpa

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except in /ic/ threads made by her cuntlickers.

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I doubt sakimifags actually go here
it's more b8

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I'm surprised people don't know the oldest trick in the book to get a community to hate a specific topic: Spamming the fuck out of it.

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She embodies just about everything wrong with digital fan-artists while being able to make bank due to the fandoms she panders to. Her art makes me vomit, but I respect the hustle.

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on terms of skill she is really good but fan art is kind of boring

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im not a fan of this kind of artwork, but damn she gets the moniez

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>on terms of skill she is really good
has she ever drawn legs?

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Of course she has.
She made anatomy tutorials.

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why does it look like that figure is falling over?

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>why does it look like that figure is falling over?
Because it is

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that just makes it look even more retarded.

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Ignore it then

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Anon is right. Figure should fall in this position.

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What? The guy is right in the draw over though. She is falling over pretty hard, and would need to separate her feet a bit to balance out. It's a shit drawing covered by shiny rendering, aka everything sakimichan does.

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>made by her cuntlickers.

Wait, what? Literally the only people who keep spamming /ic/ with these threads are faggots like you and OP who seem to be jealous as fuck of her and desperately want /ic/ to join in on their little "we hate Sakimichan" circlejerk.

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>girl proves that an painter/illustrator can be financially successful without being under the auspices of a single large company and instead create content for a community
>/ic/ gets butthurt

There's no reason to be upset, this whole thread is sour grapes and jealousy.

If it's any consolation her patreon will probably see a pretty significant drop off rate over time as her "patreon only" illustrations inevitably get leaked, but she will be set for life if it lasts for a year.


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is boring

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Yea, not that these threads make her earn less cash, or make these faggots more skilled.
I dont get the point of crying over it.

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do you think this left/right representation of weight works? I did it once and looking back it was basically fox news infographing. I mean, the least you have to do is split it with a plane, not a line.

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Tried to make myself more clear, I'm not good at explaining sorry

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Thanks /ic/, now i have a sexual fantasy/fetish/obsession with her .Not with her paintings but HER.

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The hatred in these threads remind me of the misogyny rampant in the art community. As a guy, I feel ashamed to be branded with that label. I don't earn much, but I donate $5 a week to Sakimichan and a few other female artists to help support them in what they do.

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>create content for a community
>create fan art
>draw other people ideas

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Holy shit, just draw the fucking legs in a way that would balance the figure. Stop talking. You don't need a hundred words and 2 images to describe how to balance a fucking figure using its center of gravity.

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Yes and? Are we just supposed to act as if fanart has no market when it's been proven time and again that it does? Also, most of those content creators love it when popular artists do fanart of their work. It's free marketing for them.

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the allure of a successful lady artist making 34k a week, degrading and cuckolding me as her slave while she fucks a big black artist as she forces me to draw sketches for $1 patreon donors

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get the fuck out of here /pol/

>> No.2005509

Oh shut up

Do you really not see how working on your own time on your own material, derivative or not, from out of your home is preferable to working for a large company? Fuck you NEET retard.

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>average american male

>> No.2005530

I'd like her if all her drawings weren't a frontal shot from the waist up of x generic anime girl.

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Nah I bet he's a Britcuck

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If you look her old stuff there's full bodies, different angles, original characters, alternative rendering styles, landscapes, creatures, 3d sculpture, photo studies, perspective, and even animation.

She is just smart enough to give her patreon audience what they want.

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>drawing fanart is preferable to making your own original content

Maybe if you're creatively bankrupt, sure.

The fact that she's making money off the IPs of other, bigger, corporations means she's still at their mercy. Such is IP law. Companies are fully within their right to put an end to her if they wanted to be dicks about it. In fact, if most corporations were as insecure as some artists when it comes to "protecting" their work, fan-art wouldn't be allowed at all.

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there you go pal, go cry about israel and about getting clucked

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Are you fucking retarded? Fanart is free promotion for these companies. Big companies will sooner start paying Sakimichan to do fanart of their work before they'd try to shut her down. Kind of like how game studios are starting to pay youtubers and twitch streamers to play and stream their games.

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Yeah but we don't live in your fantasy "what if" world. Fanart has become an essential part of marketing for many companies. If Disney released a new animated movie and there was no fanart of any of the characters to be found online, their marketing department woul shit themselves and try to find out what went so horribly wrong.

Couple of days before the big box office premiere, the #sketch-dailies guys on twitter do a HTTYD2 topic. Suddenly hundreds of artists with thousands of followers are doing #Toothless and #HTTYD2 related sketches. What a coincidence, right? Surely Dreamworks would love to shut that down! No way that they are actually paying the Sketch-Dailies guys to have these topics at exactly the right time, right?

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Big companies don't need artists making money off "free promotion" of their IPs. In fact, the reason the fan artist is able to make money is BECAUSE of the fandoms formed around the IPs from those bigger corporations. Those companies don't need fan-artists who make money simply off riding coat tails. They are in every right to send them a cease and desist. Samikichan is not Artgerm.

Artgerm is contracted by corporations because he has his own brand and fanbase. Samikichan is contracted by the FANS of those corporations because she's a fan-artist. Huge difference.

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hi i bought some of her tutorials so i could be like her. ive been studying art for 20 years now i think im getting really good. any advice?

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Fan art generates the hype around products. It's viral marketing. It also prolongs the immersion. Even after a show or game is finished, you get new content from fanartists and are more open to a sequel for example.

>> No.2005601

>Big companies don't need artists making money off "free promotion" of their IPs

They don't need them, but it helps them, as explained in >>2005583

Do you really think having no fanart at all is a better start for a movie release than having thousands of fanart pieces trending on social media, creating extra hype? Regardless how big your own marketing campaign was, fanart IS a measuring tool of how much the public cares about your product. Obviously depending on the product itself, like for some serious drama or horror film there won't be much fanart and it still might do well, but for an animated movie or popular video game, or comic reboot, cartoon etc, the amount of fanart is quite related to its success.

It's really not rocket science. The more people care about your product, the better it will do. Shutting down fanartists who are people that care about your product AND make others care as well is always a bad move from a business perspective.

I don't know why you need to cling to this fantasy of yours that Sakimichan might one day be shut down by big companies, but it is just that, a fantasy. It's not going to happen. Ever.

>> No.2005609

>She is just smart enough to give her patreon audience what they want.
yeah, she's smart enough to hide how bad she is at drawing to plebs who know nothing about art.

>> No.2005611

ironic shitposting is still shitposting

>> No.2005614

I stopped talking shit about the rough areas around her art once I realized she goes from a blank canvas to finished in 3-4 hours.

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That's not at all what I'm saying you degenerate retard. Do you know what a typical artist does? They go to their absolutely shitty 9 to 5 job with a power-tripping fuck head and a bunch of phony faggots breathing down their necks all day and then come home and make art in what's left of their life in the interim. Many decent independent artists don't survive on their art alone. Sakimichan is making fanart now earning more money than a fucking surgeon (which she genuinely likes doing as far as I can tell) and then she can make her own shit on the side if she feels like it as sure as any other artist. She will be set for life in less than two years and could stop as abruptly as she started.

Stupid ass nigga.

>> No.2005623

>ugly huge watermark in the corner
just why fuck it up like that

>> No.2005624


It's not a matter of making the fan-art, it's the matter of THAT being your main source of income.

People who's primary source of income is fan-art don't create the hype, they are cashing in off it's already established presence. The fan-artists who create the hype do it for free of their own free will (mainly because they are fans themselves in one way or another). Not at the request of the already established fans of that IP.

Artgerm draws fan-art, but that isn't his main source of income. He has his own brand as well as contracts from companies on top of teaching in classrooms.

Samiki is literally just pandering to the fans of other people through the internet to make a dollar while making laughable tutorials like >>2005389

The two are worlds apart. I'd much rather be in Artgerm's shoes than Samiki's.

>> No.2005627

I remember the last time people on /ic/ thought they were better than Sakimichan. Boy was that a joke. Remember those "money train" guys? That embarassing DA group? Hahaha. I bet you are one of those guys or at the very least around their "skill" level.

>> No.2005633

Why do you keep namedropping Artgerm?

>> No.2005646


Because he's an example of an artist who isn't at the mercy of corporations for his work since they actually contract him for work and he has his own brand. Which is the opposite situation Samiki is in.

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her drawing is tilted, that's the only major problem. you're using x,y,z, coordinates and not even accounting for the perspective. if you're going to redline at least take the time to study the drawing

>> No.2005689

it'd be fucked even without the watermark

>> No.2005694

>the only major problem
You know, besides the anatomy been total crap and the messy line work.

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She can't into perspective/anatomy
anything but static poses
3/4 view face
Everything she colors looks like grease and mineral oil, it's repulsive to look at.

>> No.2005719

the anatomy isn't over-the-top spectacular, but it gets the point across. and it's a sketch, why should it have super clean line work to begin with?

do you hate her so much you can't even look at the work objectively?

>> No.2005731

does anyone know what sakimichan looks like?

my opinion is based slightly on, if its a man or woman and if they are attractive or not.

>> No.2005736

Their art is almost completely based on sex appeal. It's a shallow way to build a fan base but in the majority of western cultures this sort of thing works really well right now.

It's not a bad thing to make art like this, just as long as its not the only thing being made. Luckily we have all the esteemed artists on /ic/to balance things out, because most of the stuff on here totally doesn't revolve around sexy characters and is very deep and original.

>> No.2005741


Homely looking asian chick. Make up could probably bump her up to a 7.5 at most.

>> No.2005744 [DELETED] 

>per 2 weeks

Is this how much she makes? ;_;

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>all the esteemed artists on /ic/

>> No.2005748

>per 2 weeks

Is this how much she makes? ;_;

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why the fuck wont spoiler work

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Is there a torrent of all the patreon content?

>> No.2005753


Indeed. She's perfected the art of making bank off stupid people.

>> No.2005756

give me your email adress

>> No.2005763

How new can you even be

>> No.2005777 [DELETED] 


[email protected]

>> No.2005796

Some are on cgpeers.

>> No.2005798

all this work down the waste

>> No.2005801

Personally, I never learned how to use the spoiler thing. I just the other day learned to use the one arrow quote green text thing, and I've been an avid poster for nearly a decade.

But as the enigmatic 4chans moderator "Moop" says, "all of your bases belong to us!"

>> No.2005837

>Are we just supposed to act as if fanart has no market
stop being retarded, noone is denying that there is money to be made from fanart. The questions s whether people who spend all day drawing fanart for money can even be considered artists.

>> No.2005851

Literally takes 30 seconds to find them bruh

>> No.2005852

Heres a few


>> No.2005865

I question whether people who serve food or work in IT for money can even be considered artists.

>> No.2005866


They are artists. Creatively bankrupt artists, but artists none the less.

>> No.2005867

That's some awful anatomy.

But it fools the masses, and she makes lots of money. She's a genius.

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>> No.2005891

>The questions s whether people who spend all day drawing fanart for money can even be considered artists.
How are they not artists?

They can draw/paint whatever they want with their skills.

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>The questions s whether people who spend all day drawing fanart for money can even be considered artists.

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I wonder if she's saving all that money for something bigger.

>> No.2005935

what kind of fucking hipster site is that? what happened, vimeo is too popular for you?

>> No.2005954

i wish
i remember that a few years ago she didn't put any marks at all, until someone started selling her work at his own or something like that
she looks cute in the only known pic, but is suspicious that she doesn't whore herself like the average woman.
>creatively bankrupt
such an /ic/ thing to say. never change.
she seems to be a really hard worker: apart from her patreon thing she works at concept artist and updates like twice a day in every social media there are.

i bet she doesn't have much of a social life, just like us.

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File: 164 KB, 540x540, original work donut steel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Same cancer as kr0npr1nz

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File: 87 KB, 1280x622, 3d-vision-discover-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2005970

why does ic hate kr0npr1nz so much?

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File: 52 KB, 331x402, toggaf-truhttub.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a site for music exclusively, it generally has higher quality audio than youtube but that could just be my perception.


>> No.2005973

Mob mentality

>> No.2005982

Because he tries to give everyone seizures.

>> No.2006023

This nigger use a tree brush to give the sword texture? Oh my kek

>> No.2006084

Because he's really good and makes money drawing things like very cute girls and nice characters from famous animes, movies and games.

>> No.2006088

hes not my favorite artist but i just went to his deviant art and a lot of his stuff was nice to look at.

>> No.2006092

Because some shitposters keep shilling him and he's a fucking plagiarist.

>> No.2006098

She's not incredibly skillful, but good enough to do pieces that are very visually appealing for the masses.

Her style is very commercial, she really knows how to sell them and that we can't deny.

>> No.2006103

He is a plagiarist indeed, he copies other artist's ideas/compositions, but remakes them entirely in his style, which is very enjoyable and most of the time, even more interesting to look than the original.

>> No.2006106

>he's a fucking plagiarist.

No more a plagiarist than fan-artists.

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He's also a massive hypocrite, being a tracer himself

>> No.2006116

I like Kr0n art a lot, his painting skills are really good, but there's a huge difference between fanart and plagiarism:

Make an entirely new piece based on a character you doesn't own.

Use exactly the same composition of an artwork from another artist.

>> No.2006119

>Make an entirely new piece based on a character you doesn't own.
>a character you doesn't own

Boom. That's enough. If you're doing it for money that simply adds onto it.

>> No.2006121

He doesn't trace, he copies. That's equally bad, but at least he got the skills to copy and make it his way, specially the faces and the whole colors.

>> No.2006122

I'm jelly as fuck

>> No.2006123

Legally speaking, yeah, artistically speaking, not.

>> No.2006134

Still an awful thing to do, especially when you're making money off of it.

And have the fucking skills to just not plagiarize to begin with.
Go be dumb on /v/ or something.

>> No.2006146

Just dropped her 20k lads, here's to hoping she sucks me off at the bus shelter

>> No.2006149

sage for shitposting and pointless arguments over shiny colouring over bad anatomy

>> No.2006166

That's what sells, she's doing it right.

Is ic/ so clueless about the market? Do you, ic/ artists, really want to impose what general people should like instead of trying to please them?

>> No.2006188
File: 519 KB, 465x658, Hrrrrrrrrrrrr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oc do not steal

>> No.2006189


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have you met humon?

>> No.2006194

have you met humon?

>> No.2006204

It's like you just condemned Japan's entire doujinshi scene's fan art aspect.

Haha, what a retarded opinion.

>> No.2006244

Humon's a fucking faggot.

>> No.2006288

doujinshi manga are horrid. and how much money do those guys even make.

>> No.2007064

>dat lean

>copying photos and calling it a tutorial

>> No.2007084

>entire doujinshi scene fan-art aspect

Most doujinshi is shit and the few artists I do like from the scene all have OC, some having animations done based on said OC.

You can keep your shit taste though.

>> No.2007123
File: 63 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nks2qgketj1rs0zxko1_r1_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guess who drew this

>> No.2007125
File: 159 KB, 772x1000, real sakimi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2007140

>a woman doesn't understand how breasts work

>> No.2007142

>A human doesn't understand how heads work
>A human doesn't understand how torsos work
>A human doesn't understand how arms work
>A human doesn't understand how hands work

>> No.2007144


There are men who don't know how dicks work
Why in the hell are you surprised?

>> No.2007147

What's wrong with them?

>> No.2007149

Her rendering is pretty nice, though I think there isn't much variety between textures, and sometimes I think the skin looks like the person's actually a wax figure. I do respect how much work she puts in though. Just starting to learn digital painting and coloring myself, I found it's a lot harder and more time consuming than I thought.

>> No.2007156

>that shaved off mass of a boob on the left one

basically makes the right one bigger

>> No.2007160

Are you the guy that does those kinds of greentexts when somebody insults Sakimichan? I've had an anon who said something similar days ago.

>> No.2007161

We also need to remember that know how it works doesn't mean you can draw it perfectly, otherwise any physician could draw the human figure perfectly without a proper art training.

>> No.2007164

Her right boob looks small, and look at the underside of her left one. It looks "cut" rather then being rested on the chest.

>> No.2007166

I was insulting her too actually.

>> No.2007168

Well good then.

>> No.2007183

Sakimichan isn't great, but isn't bad too. Her secret is that she found some pretty effective shortcuts to make her art look very appealing to the crowd.

All those bright colors and ultra soft shading attracts the mainstream public more than anything else.

>> No.2007184

>shortcuts to make her art look very appealing to the crowd.
Being a grill?
>soft shading
She uses soft brushes, but I've also seen in her videos that she uses the smudge tool.

Just saying.

>> No.2007196

stop beating a dead horse.

i think everyone gets the fact that she is all flash and no substance, and shes basically exploiting that fact.
but its obvious y'all niggers are jealous as fuck.

>> No.2007198

>She uses soft brushes, but I've also seen in her videos that she uses the smudge tool.
That's what I meant when I said "shortcuts", it's much easier and she made it work in her style, people love soft shading, the smoother the better.

>Being a grill?
It helps, but it's her style and the fanart theme that made her really famous.

She does ultra smooth, bright and colorful artworks about famous characters, then she makes everyone idealistically beautiful in a semi-realistic way, that never fails.

>> No.2007205
File: 401 KB, 1742x1200, chun_li_and_cammy_by_achibner-d5zizny.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people love soft shading, the smoother the better
>the smoother the better

I disagree, it makes things look boring as fuck

>> No.2007206

theres a clear difference between this and sakimi
>bright and colorful artworks

>> No.2007211

i never got used to the smudge tool. you dont even need it to make the smooth plastic-y rendering that sakimichan uses in all of her works

>> No.2007212

This chick is close to making 0.5 Million per year.

Does Marko even make that much?

Do whores even make that much?

>> No.2007215

>it makes things look boring as fuck

>> No.2007216

So like does anyone have her Patreon brush pack (not her free DA one)?

>> No.2007222

Exactly. Most photoshop dudes just use custom brushes/and or low opacity to blend.

>> No.2007224
File: 281 KB, 602x782, kybele-final.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Times have changed.
I remember there was a CA.org stream with him, where he mentioned earning 10k one month because of some guys, who saved up, flew him into their home town and made him work his ass off for a month in their apartment for some game they were trying to develop (pic related). Andrew Jones went "10k?! He's a damn rockstar..."

That was four or five years ago, I think. But Marko isn't stupid. As the CEO of SMV he earns way more than sakimichan nowadays, guaranteed.

>> No.2007249

Thats too smooth. I hardly ever see art that so blended like that.

>> No.2007257

But it's not about your taste or mine, I don't like it either, but a smoother shading is far more popular among the general public, didn't you notice that?

I've seen some amazing painterly artworks with some incredible strokes being ignored while some overly bright, with lots of color dodge, some lame post effects and a smooth shading be considered a masterpiece.

>> No.2007266

Don't you see all those shiny things all over her paintings?

She also uses some extremely saturated colors in some parts, almost looking like neon, which makes her works all flashy and "magical" to her fans, they love it.

>> No.2007273

>to her fans

How do artists deal with knowing that the majority of their fans are idiots they would never want to converse with or be in the same room with.

It's thoughts like these that really prevent me from trying to get popular. and just keeping to myself mostly.

>> No.2007275

Making bank off of others people characters. Completely legal.

>> No.2007277

you see the same thing at cons all the time.

>> No.2007279

>same thing
>11k biweekly
>same thing

You are a fucking idiot.

>> No.2007281

>others people characters
You can't create anything new.

>> No.2007285

How old are you? What's your job?

>> No.2007286

I doubt the artist alley people make as much of saki tho.

>> No.2007287

money is money brah.

But then again people are simply paying to see her draw...stuff. Not specifically a certain character, but just to draw.

>> No.2007289

You still got a shitload of hentai doujinshi artists at comiket, and that's at least over a million dollars being passed around over fanart.

>> No.2007290

I wonder if Disney etc. are actually cool with this. I've heard they got angry with random artists at cons too.

>> No.2007291

Better question. What artist is making that kind of money through convention visits?

A convention visit for a weekend wouldn't even net most artists of her caliber and better half of what much she makes in a week.

>> No.2007293
File: 302 KB, 1005x897, 17k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's 17.5k each 2 weeks, 35k per month.

>> No.2007294

Sells tons of prints to. Besides patreon how much more cash is being made? Christ how much does sakimichan make a year?

>> No.2007295

There was this copyright thingy about Disney, forgot the link.

It even shows how they felt "change" for copyright after the popularity of Frozen...like they're okay with it.

>> No.2007296

>I've heard
Even Disney's characters are not original. Copyrights war will be dangerous for your own company

>> No.2007297
File: 1.81 MB, 457x321, 19847572874723.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>artist who loves to create characters
>draws nothing but fanart rather than designing OC

>> No.2007299
File: 149 KB, 301x301, feed me testicles.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is doing genderswaps slightly original?

>> No.2007300

>I don't know! I'll think of something fun!
My sides are near escape velocity.

>> No.2007301

N I bet not even one artist there makes as much as she does in 2 weeks. A lot of the doujin artist who base their work on fanart don't even make large amounts of prints because they know they could get in trouble for it

>> No.2007302
File: 75 KB, 450x450, hue.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2007303

>don't even make large amounts of prints because they know they could get in trouble for it

I doubt it since you can buy doujinshi from doujinshi based sites like dlsite. Even pdf based doujins.

>> No.2007304

Yeah she went from creating shit, to drawing other peoples shit.

Thats one of the main reason i lost interest in her work. It just pages full of fanart. Her old work was so much better.

>> No.2007306
File: 149 KB, 500x500, 6721243689_ec468c9d7a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>because they know they could get in trouble for it

>> No.2007308
File: 559 KB, 831x1200, queen_final_lr_by_artgerm-d8i81t9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Idk that picture just looks...Awkward.

I kind of like the smooth look. If its done right. Like mah boi Artgerm

>> No.2007309


I'm honestly curious if Sakimi is making more than Artgerm. She shouldn't considering the quality of her work, but people are idiots with their money so she's cashing in.

>> No.2007313

What is artgerm's studio even doing? I only see his artwork and it's all fan art (I think?). It certainly looks like fanart if it isn't. I'm not seeing how that would be marketable as a studio.

>> No.2007315

All people who pay for art are idiots. Art should be free.

>> No.2007317
File: 66 KB, 1280x720, c0e42c44-77e1-4016-92a2-67d9c30b7cd8_446.mp4_snapshot_00.40.22_[2015.01.15_01.13.40].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She probably is, but artgerm doesn't have those 2 week deadlines of patreon. And he has a long line of fans wanting commissions. So unlimited work, but at a good pace.

>> No.2007318
File: 161 KB, 890x1200, huntress_final_lr_by_artgerm-d6irrgn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's all fanart

You do understand he actually gets contracted to draw those characters more often than not, right? He even does statue designs.

>> No.2007320
File: 177 KB, 743x1075, elsa_by_sakimichan-d75jib4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you want some real money, you need to do art for people that like shiny and smooth art.

You can aim for a 3d render look, but don't forget that you can't go way too realistic, they like it more cartoony and cute.

>> No.2007321

Yes, now excuse me while I try to pay my rent by singing a lovely song.

>> No.2007322
File: 11 KB, 534x76, Everest.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But sakimichan is "extremely talented and driven!"

>> No.2007323
File: 667 KB, 1000x667, art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2007325


Correction, fan-art should be free. OC should be paid for unless is you making it yourself. If you're an idea guy, can't draw for shit, and don't care to learn, commission someone to draw it.

>> No.2007327
File: 57 KB, 604x453, 4365475765.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just found a real job.

>> No.2007328

What about those dudes waiting in line to ask their favorite comic book artist to draw [copyrighted character]? Should the guy draw free stuff for everyone?(which would be 50+ people since it's free)

>> No.2007331
File: 158 KB, 936x700, sakimichanthegreatestartistalive.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.2007332

>OC should be paid for unless is you making it yourself.
Paid for refs. Artists should be a slave.

>> No.2007340

Artgerm uses semi hard/soft automatic blend thingy in painter.

The dude I posted probably used the 0-25% hardness settings in photoshop, a softness that soft is usually used for airbrushing photos.

>> No.2007344

his artwork is ridiculous. how do you even develop a taste this bad?
either way, he did something right with the whole kronprinz faggotry. i didn:t even know he existed before that and now faggots like OP keep posting him as if he deserved any more attention. but he really doesn:t. his art isn:t interesting and he isn:t interesting as a person.
it:s just generic DA weeboo shit, omg look at that technical skill faggotry. he is one in a 100 million who can do that.

>> No.2007346

Joke aside. Patreon is awful service because its shows how much money artist will get. "Never tell anyone how much money you make " This is number 1 rule in adult world. These kind threads are perfectly illustrated this

>> No.2007347

you can opt to hide it

>> No.2007348

that doesn't stop people from giving him more money apparantly.

in fact it seems to be build into patreon as a feature.

>> No.2007351

Some of the people are just internet people at least, no known real identities.

>> No.2007365

AG has a stronger history and healthy professional career.
Contracts and commissions for major companies like Marvel and Sideshow uses his compositions for statues.

Fan art to the nth degree. Well rendered and received spawning from DeviantArt, Sakimi just seems to ride the waves of the big blockbuster comic/anime's of old and new.

I don't think her renditions of the characters she draws is as valuable as Artgerm's because she warps them too much. It's sort of like Shunya Yamashita warping any semblance of character facial features into that generic bishoujo face.

>> No.2007374

Are you d/ic/ks holding back your punches because she's a girl? Are you in love with her, anon? She's a neet's kryptonite, ASHEEN WOHMYN. And she can into art, that makes her potential wiafu material, right? Is the reason none of you are going all out with your smear campaign is because you all think you might have a chance?

>> No.2007377

shes also a size queen so goodluck dippin your dick in her, she wont allow it unless you are packing at LEAST a 9 inch meat sabre. Luckily, I have 13 inches so I probably will get a chance to fuck her eventually.

>> No.2007380

nah I cant stand her. All YOUNG female artists these days paint the same exact shit. At least have distinct styles, every bitch artist is the same.

But you got guys like karl kopinski, marko, dave rapoza, kekai kotaki, theyre all way fuckin different from eachother with completely different styles.

Meh, another reason why men are better than women.

>> No.2007383


>> No.2007384

I don't care for her art but I can respect her business sense.

>> No.2007386


sad but true

>> No.2007582

You're wrong.
I like all those artists.

But being female doesn't mean they're doomed to be shit forever. Being Pampered does though.
Look at fucking
Karla Ortiz.

>> No.2007698

I can respect the massive amount of pandering Sakimi and kr0n do, and i actually can get behind some of kr0n's work, but Sakimi's god damn shine one every little thing irks the living hell out of me. If everything wasn't so shiny it would probably look twice as good.

>> No.2007728
File: 16 KB, 460x276, the-moth-radio-head-elisa-006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But her fans are like moths, they love shiny and bright things.

>> No.2007734

>All YOUNG female artists these days paint the same exact shit. At least have distinct styles, every bitch artist is the same
How many female artists do you even know?

>> No.2007737

I fucking love /ic/'s reactions to shit like sakimi and kron. Like yeah you can not like shit but people in this thread takes it to a whole new level, like they're just fucking superior for having a different opinion.

>> No.2007739

Did she release that one Bayo picture yet?

>> No.2007911

hiding hands :^)

>> No.2007925

Seriously, the masses love shiny shit.
I make a modest living off of shiny shit.

>> No.2007936

Anons are going soft on her, compared to how they ruined kronz. They're holding out that on the off chance she might return one of their wierd sexual advances.

They hate on her here but will hit on her in her tumblr, DA, intsagram, etc. The potential to get pussy overules everything.

>> No.2007940

>Ruined Kronz

He's still making 2k per week. People still like and follow his work.

/ic/ didn't ruin him at all. /ic/ can't ruin anything.

Sakimi and Kr0n are cashing in on the same shit. Pandering to fandoms for IPs they don't own. She's as cancerous as Kr0n is.

The reason /ic/ doesn't go after Sakimi so hard is partially because she's a girl, and partially because there are idiots where who don't think making a living off fan-art makes you a shit artist, even though it does.

>> No.2007956

He was making $3k before shit hit the fan and was going at a very good rate just prior to that. He was knocked down $500 but since then he's barely made $100 back.

The ones who stayed are nothing but apologists.

>> No.2007963

>He was making $3k before shit hit the fan

Post the screencap

>> No.2007966

Alright. Let me go back in time for a second.

>> No.2007969


Oh so you're full of shit then? Alright.

Like I said, /ic/ didn't ruin him. /ic/ can't ruin shit.

All that drama was nothing but hot air from salty faggots.

>> No.2007973

He's still pretty popular on pixiv too from whst I saw

>> No.2007977

As someone who was (and still am) donating to his patreon.

It was never making 3k when shit hit the fan. I was watching very closely. When shit it that fan he was like 460-470 patreons. Before shit hit the fan it was around 480 patreons.

Now its 520 patreons

>> No.2007978


Everyone who was paying attention during the fiasco knows that, anon. I don't even donate to his patreon and knew.

>>2007956 is just a fucking delusional moron.

>> No.2007984
File: 1.23 MB, 753x1257, sakimi_kron_merc_wip.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2008000

fuck sakimichan

>> No.2008006

As someone who's new here, why is fan-art so hated on? I'm starting to get into art and one of the main reasons is because I'd love to draw some of my favorite fictional characters for fun. How come this seems to be the grounds for a public lynching?

>> No.2008019

because sakimi and kron are literally just drawing mediocre fanart and getting paid thousands and thousands of dollars. it makes us jealous and sad.

>> No.2008024

cuz muh studies, muh loomus, crag mullanz, jaymay jonz, run jianpu, muh castles, muh dunjunz

>> No.2008027

>As someone who's new here, why is fan-art so hated on?
just one shitposter >>2007984

>> No.2008149

Funny how no one cared about sakimichan until she got patreon.

>> No.2008164

probably because people see it as "pandering" to a fanbase, being unoriginal, and basically getting paid lots of money to draw other people's characters and over-render them.

Really depends on who you ask. Also, because most fanart is absolutely horrible, and most people's first (shit) drawings on DA or the like are fanart.

>> No.2008173 [DELETED] 

literally everything to do with art is grounds for lynching here. the only thing you probably won't get chewed out on is saying you like repin or sargent.

>> No.2008197

>no one cared about SakimiChan
>until she started making 6 figures off polishing turds that feature characters she doesn't own

Are you honestly surprised?

>> No.2008199

Does anyone have kr0n's brushes?

>> No.2008201

I didn't have a problem with Sakimichan before, but now I'm annoyed by her because I'm pretty sure I can't get a critique on my pic because everyone's in this thread.

>> No.2008217
File: 1.04 MB, 1000x1366, Black+Sugar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sakimichan is basically the "Cute Anime" version of Jeremy mann..

How is anyone surprised that she's popular?..

>> No.2008229

What's the point when you put a blurry ass filter over them anyway?

>> No.2008238

There's a lot more technical skill in that painting than in Sakimi's work...

>> No.2008282

I don't know about doujinshi, but there was a popular duo who made custom Kamen Rider figures for a shit ton of money and then got arrested for copyright infringement and C&D. So you definitely can get arrested for copyrighted works if you're profiting a lot on it.


>> No.2008318

No that's Twilight Sparkle

>> No.2008370

where can I get a print of that...
I want that...

>> No.2008427

That's a completely different case. They took an already existing mass-produced toy figure, modified it and sold it. This would be akin to Sakimichan copy-pasting a painting of another artist, making a few minor adjustments, a little paintover on top of it and then selling prints of that. That would indeed be illegal.

>> No.2008436

I agree with this. I think Artgerm has a solid history and skill set behind him, whereas Sakimi still has a lot of foundation work she should review.
I've been following Sakimi since she first started on DA and I prefer her older stuff.
I really hate DA now for multiple reasons, the amount of shit art on there, the constant spotlight they have on the same repetitive artists....eh...I admire how much money sakimi makes, but I just wish she'd go back to her original designs and less fanart, even if that's where her money is at.

>> No.2008447

Sometimes i wonder if sakimi is enjoying drawing mass amounts of fan art. Or she simply wants the please her fans.

200 fan art pics later, is she till going to enjoy it?

If she stops, will her fans suddenly be displeased and complain, and just keep requesting her to do fan art?

Time will tell.

>> No.2008448

Honestly, I'd still pick her dayjob over any other that exists. There are worse things to do for that kind of money.

>> No.2008453

It's literally homework for 10k.

I'd take that job. I'd be happy.

>> No.2008454

Check his twitter or patreon. I lost the link. He use Mullins + hand made brushes

>> No.2008459

But why make that your day job when you dont even have to. You might not make AS MUCH money, but you sure will enjoy drawing more.

>> No.2008480

Even so, with the amount she's making she could save up a lot of cash to live modestly without working for a while

>> No.2008633

All I draw is fanart anyway, if I made half of what she makes doing it I'd be happy as fuck.

>> No.2008770

hi argie

>> No.2008776

If she keeps up with this pace, she's gonna burn out by the end of the year. No doubt.

That or run out of characters to do fanarts of. Or she can just resort to the lazy approach, gender bent or nude versions of these paintings.

Either way she's going to hit a dead end.

>> No.2008835


You do know that breasts are never symmetrical naturally, right? I wish I could say I see something wrong with it... but assuming those are natural, they are kind of falling the way natural breasts would when combined with movement.

They go up, they go down, they look kind of funny. She should've have drawn the whole body so that the idea of sudden movement would be more apparent.

I can see why she drew them that way. They don't just sit there like huge balloons. Tits are kind of ugly when you jump around.

And the left one, if natural, would in that pose sink back and slightly into the underarm area.

>> No.2008838


Original art is fine. Hold on, let me get the rules... it is very complicated. Technically, what she is doing is completely legal...

Technically, as long as the artists isn't receiving money for replications of art of a copyrighted character, printed material, then can't get in trouble...

The figures were a problem because of the material. Now, prints of a copyrighted character are technically illegal.

>> No.2008842
File: 538 KB, 772x1000, asdf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nigga shut the fuck up.
Sakimi clearly doesn't have big boobs and has never studied them because that harsh cut inwards with no attention to the chunk of fat being attached and thus resting on her body is so completely wrong.

>> No.2008849


Most large boobs suffer from pseudoptosis assuming their aren't simply saggy. Yes, the fat there would hang slightly down.

She's looked at a reference of a women in movement with larger breasts.

I'm not saying that they aren't ugly and women should be drawn with pretty breasts.

But they are doing what they are suppose to without a bra.

>> No.2008855

I see what your saying now that you pointed it out.

That part should've been rendered more. It does stick out since the shadows are off.

It should have been shaded darker like the other underboob in that particular spot. Light doesn't hit there.

>> No.2008859

No nigger. There's no sagging. There's no movement. You're making shit up to defend her. Goddamn cuck.

>> No.2008860

Look, as a woman who's lived with a family of women and had plenty female friends, in addition to having done plenty life drawing and looked at my fair share of photo reference, that boob doesn't look right. I'm not the anon you were talking to, I'm not necessarily saying I could do better cuz boobs are hard, and I'm not even someone who hates on Sakimi, I think her art is fairly good but I don't like some of her style choices. In this one instance though, I have to say that boob is wrong. I'd go as far as to say they both are because the nipples are way higher than they should be.

>> No.2008867

I'm looking at the silhouette of them... and looking at my own posed like that.

>> No.2008873

Then you're not observing carefully enough. The top half of that boob is drawn as if it's supported by a padded bra or bustier, and the bottom half is drawn as if hanging loose. If she wanted to make them look perky that'd be fine, but for the nipple to be raised as much as it is, the flesh under it needs to look more solid, so it should be tapering in more with more tension pulling at the bottom part of the base where it connects to the chest. Other wise, it should be all around flatter or at least have the nipple pointing more downward as it should.

>> No.2008880

>Look, as a woman

Suddenly these threads make so much sense. Sakimichan is a cute asian girl in her mid-20s, making half a million $ a year. /ic/ is full of bitter female wannabe artists. Add 2 and 2 together and I finally understand /ic/'s obsession and anger towards this girl..

>> No.2008886

Uh no, clearly you didn't read my comment. I said I like her art, except for a few of her stylistic choices. The two other times I've posted in a thread about her were both to say that now that I'm trying to learn digital painting, I have a lot of respect for her being able to polish so well and pump these pictures out. She may have her method but that doesn't mean it didn't take time and effort. Besides that, the anon I'm talking to is a woman who was speaking in support of her too. But I still think that boob is a little misshapen.
So don't make me into your strawman.

>> No.2008897

You be strawoman

>> No.2008900

Same difference.

>> No.2008914

You do realize /ic/ gets bitter of all artists who are more successful than them, right?

How new are you?

>> No.2008953
File: 10 KB, 171x176, 14013681.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>full of grills, not 5everalone faggots

>> No.2011107

Where are the hands, sakimishit?!! Where you lazy shit?!


>> No.2011110

How is posting my artwork shitposting?

>> No.2011122

>/ic/ is full of bitter wannabe artists
FTFY. If we were all female then you wouldn't see the excuse that sakimi makes shekels from being a grill

>> No.2011133
File: 21 KB, 400x324, 320-neat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>that hilarious feel when you know a grill irl that browses /ic/

>> No.2011136

How is that hilarious or a feel

>> No.2011139

I know this is 5 days old, but this shit is hilarious. It's like watching an alien trying to pass as human

>> No.2011142


no need to be jelly anon

>> No.2011168


kek gramps, you don't get it do you? get meme'd on old man

>> No.2011203

I think everyone knows there are a number of females on /ic/, that by no means equates to /ic/ being "full" of them though.

>> No.2012095

are you retarded? take you funny memes to reddit and 9gag

>> No.2012106

>an artist gets a ton of attention
>"n-noo he/she is shit, pay attention to mee"
>everyone pays attention to the shitposter
You are too simple, /ic/.

>> No.2012136

hope she does bewbs of pantsu.

thanks to the guy who dump dem bewbs btw.

>> No.2012165

>all this discussion over ahris breasts

It looks weird because those are fat girl tits on a thin body.

>> No.2012561

You mean

Only people on /ic/ making money are the furry pronzters.

>> No.2013045

Im a fan

>> No.2013054

>welcome to the world of tomorrow anon, it is the year 1997, where grills have futuristic proportions, such as Tifa and Lara Croft
>you must be shocked by the future world of 1997, but welcome to the future none the less, enjoy 1997

>> No.2013068
File: 177 KB, 1154x433, fuck off degas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2013080

Wish she drew her more voluptuous, that upper torso is asking for it until you get to the skinny waist.

>> No.2013123

You've never seen fat girl tits m8

>> No.2016726

nice /ic/

>> No.2016750

You've never seen any tits, fat girl or otherwise.

Ahris got a pair of chubby white girl e cups sitting on her chest.

>> No.2017566

They've got skill (if not, I don't know what the fuck /ic/ is on) but I just don't like it, honestly.

>> No.2018909

Do any of her guides actually help?
I'm totally willing to sell out for porn dollars but can't draw cute to save my life.

>> No.2018958

skim through his DA
>in a dire need of moar loomis
>SICK values
>good colouring
>briddi gud face
>lazy angles (too many close-ups)
>disgusting watermark fucking everywhere
>making piss huge attention mostly from fanarts
>fanbase : omgomg ur amazin so incredible xdxdxddd!!1!!1
Worst part is: I can't fucking stand his facial expression style. feels too unsincere and SJW-ish, you name it. His depiction of male characters are way too faggish. Also chromatic aberrations hurt my eyes.

>> No.2018961
File: 16 KB, 600x600, cc0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2018963

Sakimichan is a SHE
Also I agree with you 100%

>> No.2018964

fuck, wasn't aware that she's a gril

>> No.2018977

Can we just let this thread die. Shes just a 23 year old girl. Give her some time. Geesh.

>> No.2019031
File: 603 KB, 400x225, simon.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2019289

she gives what people want, they want to see disney art, not something new and creative. If you are mad with someone be mad with the mass culture

>> No.2019917

These are gone now. I'm glad I snagged the male anatomy one when I did but I think I needed the female one more.

>> No.2019918


>> No.2019923

She needs to draw kawaii kids.


>> No.2019939


>> No.2019940

Why would they be gone...Theyre torrents. She cant get them to get rid of it if she tried.

>> No.2020024
File: 1.99 MB, 480x292, 1420327723133.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this shit is getting old

>> No.2022663

muchos gracias senor

>> No.2022732

This thread is still kicking around? Do they fall faster once they hit bump limit?
Don't be a cheeky cnt captcha

>> No.2022740

I really hope this is gonna be the last Sakimi thread for a good while.

>> No.2023065


Its being bumped by sakmi shills.

I'm not even mad - it works, and she gets more popular and gets more money with each passing day.

When I git gud, I'm going to hire a kid to shill for me on 4chins/social media as well. Sadly, my shill won't be as effective because a girl artist can make a horny boy do anything - all I can offer is money, really.

>> No.2023101

Just have them let it all out

>> No.2024472

She drew my waifu, so she's okay in my book.

>> No.2024472,1 [INTERNAL] 

Does anyone here have uncensored version of tifa by sakimichan?? I've been looking all over for it!

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