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Does anyone have a PDF version of this or where to get one?

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I haven't found that book but I've seen it and it's not very good as it's aimed towards children unless that's what you're looking for but if not you should try
Disney Animation The Illusion of Life by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston (two of disney's greatest animators) and
The Animator's Survival Kit by Richard Williams (Who Framed Roger Rabbit guy)
they are both on the piratebay, Really good books.

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yeah, i think it is geared for kids, but I want it for the character sheets. and layout examples they have in it.

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>Illusion of Life

I have that book (holy fuck is it big) but I set it aside when I was younger and never read it all the way through, do they actually talk about making animation in it? I swear to god it's like 90% about the animator's careers and personal anecdotes. I got exasperated reading it and just put it away somewhere, lel.

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It's actually aimed to laypeople about the process of animation. But the book is so informative that it's widely regarded as "the animator's bible". It's a great book specially if you're getting started.

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whats this from?
I would like a PDF

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It's from the "Dofus" artbook.

I don't know how the French ended up getting better at anime than the Japaneses are but goddamn son these niggas are in it to win it.

Unfortunately I don't have a .pdf myself.

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>The Illusion of Life by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston
Where is it?

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>I don't know how the French ended up getting better at anime than the Japaneses

Between the two of those alone I can see how, let alone however many other countless French artists I'm overlooking.

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thanks...I guess...

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>not using torrents every day

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I think Ankama's stuff is pretty cool; Wakfu is a seamless fusion of western and eastern animation style and sensibility done almost entirely in Flash for that matter which seems crazy to me for some reason. It's a shame that the big studios in the u.s. have mostly given up on 2D animation.


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These are staples.
Eric Goldberg's "Character Animation Crash Course" is also great, especially if you're into the WB type of animation

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that would make a good stereoscopic image

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Omg you guys, Somebody have got to have this book. I need it so bad, I'd suck cocks for it.

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just google it, there's a copy floating you noob.

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I googled the shit out of it and still looking, there's no copies uploaded anywhere. did you find a working link?

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nvm, i found it.

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I found where I got it from finally; firefox's new bookmark layout is fucking gay as shit. The "recently bookmarked" tab is the most redundant piece of shit I've ever seen. Just have one big page for bookmarks and let me sort them if I want you fucking twats.

Anyway here you go. It's pretty cool, a purely visual insight into the game development process. Too bad it's such a shitty scan.


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