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because its trips you won't hear a bad word from me, but because I'm not from 4chan you will hear every bad word from me;

learn to describe things IN 3D with shadows and lights because you are symbol drawing the rendering (using shapes you don't know why you are using), you are simplifying objects which is better than the old one (where you just draw in hopes of hitting some anatomy), but by simplifying them you lose a lot of potential value, your perspective still needs some work

Colors match together, you have much better fluidity and ambient color, the whole work is oozing synchronic colors so i guess your color ambience has improved (???), your perspective has significantly improved

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i do get my books back after they are presented in a gallery for a month, so i guess all is good that ends good.
I do think that winner should have some kind of great hook, not be politically correct so the first three are just plain and boring for me.

Is it worth to even enter competitions bros or should i just wage my time away untill i build up a community to which i can sell my stuff?

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