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Dude, you need to understand that these planes are approximations. It can't be "wrong" because every face/head is different. Furthermore the Asaro head is meant to be used as a reference. You shouldn't be studying it so meticulously. Either Buy one or keep a couple images of it saved from different angles to reference when you're painting a face.

It seems like you're trying to understand heads/faces. You shouldn't be getting hung up on anatomy and details like the planes on the Asaro head or obsessing over cheek bones. You should endeavor to understand the GENERAL mass and volume of the head first with axis in proper perspective. Break it down and simplify it until you can draw it loosely with proportional accuracy. I'd recommend Bridgman's book on drawing heads. REMEMBER. BIG SHAPE FIRST then details. focus on MASS and VOLUME. Learn the major planes and the Overall Shape of the head. That's all you need.

However, If you're planning on drawing strictly from reference without taking artistic liberties then i'd recommend the Charles Bargue drawing course. He skips the Entire construction phase and focuses on shapes and defining light and shadow on the form.

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