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>I just like the process of doing a grid transfer

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and this one is up there in the super cerial save in case of fire bin. Was started a few weeks before Red Lawrence and Purple Headey, but I was kind of hung up on it, and while I was working on RL and PH I came up the whole face rainbow idea, and then in like hour 16 or so I painted on this so it'd tie in with the other 2 for the face rainbow.

This was maybe the reason why I started numbering by "last worked on" instead of "paint on canvas."

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>like everything
can you explain what your understanding of "color theory" is?

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Is that supposed to be Ben Shapiro's sister?

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>Block in your darkest tone on your underpainting, mix your mid tones on your pallet and apply them in washes from darkest to lightest.
yeah I mean that's generally what I'm doing. The typical order of operations has been to do violets and blues, then reds, yellows, and highlights. But like I just embrace the "dry or die" mentality in year 2, and the process has been about "blending" by stacking layers on top of each other without using water to bring down the opacity or keep the acrylic wet.
>I realize you're not going to listen to any advice in this thread and just justify why any advice given is wrong
I mean I don't really do that. I appreciate all of it and I don't normally say it's "wrong" just that it may not be applicable or useful.
> but hopefully that''ll help anyone else who works in acrylic that might be reading.
EXACTLY! The Cunningham's Law meme has been part of muh goof since the get-gogh. Posting the "wrong answer" on the internet is the best way to find out the "right answer" is the theory. By starting an argument in defense of things wrong, the idea is that it can create a dialogue and appreciation for A: why we have the rules in the first place, and B: why it's ok to subvert them. etc.

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well see
How am I failed? Got poindexters offering 500 schmekels for paintings now. Just starting to get attention from normals. Working with a writer too rat meow.

And living in squalor is good for you my guy.

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new phone who dis?

I'm sorry you're upset anon. Do you ever wonder if maybe all your strawmen meme labels and externalized frustration may be making it harder for you live a normal life?

That maybe all these projected antagonists you feel persecuted by are just in your head? You think you may prop them up to make it easier for you to justify all your malignant feelings and bitterness and stuff?

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>suit yourself
I like how embarrassed you are about how you're dogshit at English. Me me? My motto is dictated but not red.
>yes, and you think your shit paintings are the same thing?
they clearly aren't to (you) lol. Look at how upset it makes you.
> "oh its only a reaction image bro, so I can post my work in every post I make in every thread and it's always related lol"
exactly! Now we cooking with grease.
I'm sorry you're upset?
>no that is you being an asshole.
Why shouldn't I be though? Got this Hungarian ratface faggot and his weird vendetta and Homeboard Brian and whoever else that just follow me around flaming and taking bait and being agitated about stuff. If idiots want to wrastle I'm always down.
I like his stuff though. He's technically much better than I am. His success is good for everyone.
>You know that if you ever stop posting now you'll be the laughing stock of this board, right??
OH NO?!?!?
>Congratulations this is your life now.
Eh the irony is that I extended the stay because I was enjoying all the abuse and the effect it's had on muh art the last few months. Real good motivator.

Plus the persistence and continuity of the few buttblasted anons that follow me around projecting their mental illness has given me a much better and more interesting characterization of (you) than I had before.

But yeah I love the implication of "I'm going to talk so much shit about you when you're not around" being a threat. Who needs marketing when you've got butthurt stalkers keeping you top of mind lol.
I didn't link to shit. Was a desperate attempt at a "gotcha" from a buttblasted soviet satellite weirdo with a bone to pick. And we were playing Pubg.

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and I started this one then too, but it didn't get finished until like a month later when I did all the pron watercolors, started Purple Headey and Red Lawrence, and almost burned the house down.

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>but inn the end you'll just be trying to convince yourself of what you're saying cause I'm not going to be looking at it
I mean that's sad. Why bother interacting if you're only interested in firing off angry missiles and then ignoring feedback? What makes you so important? Why should I care?
>hopefully you'll find something useful
Nope. Why should I care about your opinion if you don't even know how to fucking read back? What a cunt. I hope you die in a grotesque accident asshole.

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> I always cut parts of my brushes for texturing
>I don't think you HAVE to work with a knife, but experimentation is always good.
Yeah and since I'm "racing" Van Gogh in total paintings I might as well make an effort at some point to get into using them.
>might change drastically if you're forced to use more simply due to the implement
Yeah I'm definitely into building texture and using more paint as things go forward. Like on >>3575492 I was goofing with mixing gesso and matte gel with pigment to add more texture and thickness and stuff. And >>3584852 and >>3573673 kind of shows how I'm starting to use the gesso layer to add more texture and and depth and thickness and underlying darkness and stuff before I start painting on it.
>and looking at your brush marks makes me wish you'd make a piece that's 1-2cm thick for kicks. Part of what makes painting so unique is the ability to create a 3D space
yeah I've been thinking about that a lot more recently. Be cool to basically build a face out on the canvas with layering and everything.
>Though I really suggest you try out making your own pigments, I've made my own for years now and save so much without any guilt for how heavy I lay anything on.
damn yeah I guess that's where I'm eventually headed. Started with the cheapest apple barrel paints possible, now I'm using an arteza set that's definitely a step up but it does feel like cheating having shit like "skin tone" color paint.
>The bottom right is my favorite, but I'd like to see you do something with watercolor without lines one day.
definitely. That shit felt pretty lame just coloring in. Pic related was started with them and I tried doing watercolor first on it but basically all of it got covered by acrylic later.
>If you need to use lines try a line and wash, where the contour lines are the last step.
Yeah I'll have to look into that. Thanks m8. I'm kind of shit at stressing it but I really appreciate it.

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>you're Judy bringing everyone down with how you behave and its a real bummer to watch.
it's a spearment. I'm not in charge here. I have to respond to antagonistic (you)s through most of September.

And this thread was nice and comfy until the same autist as every other thread >>3585223 >>3585231 shows up and starts flaming. I kind of think it may be Brian or illustrat or one of the other histrionics that doesn't like that I have to be everywhere right now. I hope it isn't because I like them but some anon said it was Brian earlier.
>your art is okay but clearly you don't improve when though you have like dozens or hundreds of paintings
I've unambiguously improved. It's a process of acrylic layering over time. I'm just not necessarily focused on trying to prove how good muh memes are to a bunch of tryhard dickheads that will anonymously talk shit about literally anything to make themselves feel better.
>they're just copies not studies.
Your metal monster memes are just door stops and yard trash but you don't see me giving you shit.
>nobody wants you around because of how you act and in the long run you're the only personthat's actually suffering from it.
life is suffering. I'm benefitting pretty fantastically from this personally.
> It might be a long time before you're big enough to use this criticism instead of run from it, but right now your stagnation can only be blamed on yourself
I'm not stagnating at all. I'm like 4 away from being done with the first act. Forced myself to take august off from producing new cancasses as a way to slow down and create some stagnation for effect.
>not because nobody told you what to work on.
Literally the entire series is solicited from people telling me what to work on.
>And don't bother pulling the "lel ur just jelly cuz ur art is bad"
Your art is ok. Pretty niche consumer base of rich people that like early Tim Burton aesthetics and have space for big ass metal bugs in their house.

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