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>sucker people into paying you for pretty nonsense
i dunno, if people never found art to be valuable and worthwhile, they would have never commissioned or paid for it.
That is really not on the artist.

But you could make that statement for anything.
>the _____ contribute nothing to society
>the whole modus operandi of ____ is "do nothing, sucker people into paying for ____"
Imagine if we adapted this mindset for everything, then why should i even pay you or anyone for anything, or why should i expect anyone to pay me for something i do, but i am demanded to work for free for someone else's gain or expect that everyone works for free for my own gain.
Might as well just start killing each other.

Art shapes culture, but the masses also directly shape what kind of art is allowed to exist and that art becomes a direct reflection of culture and society.

Look at AI tards; they have the ultimate magic box for infinite content, and what do they do with it? Generate porn or the same image of the anime girl over and over just with slight variations.
Human hands can't compete with AI output so you can excuses human artists from doing the same thing over and over with slight variations, but AI despite having and claiming the potential to do better; simply doubles, triples and quadruples down on what all the human hacks have been doing for years, because that is what the consumer wants and allows to exist.

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If that is what you get out of that then you're either missing the point just to insult and discredit the OP for reasons others can only assume.

OP's picture point is
>my mutuals/friends don't give a shit unless i do something that directly benefits them in which then they claim to be my number 1 fans
You can see it in how annoyed the "op" is in the last scene, clearly showing self-awareness of what he is doing and a disappointment of having his suspicions proven correctly while showing how shallow those people are, even more shallow even if OP was asking for likes.

Is pic related a cope and seethe from the puritan christian albino artist or does it show a facet of reality no one is comfortable admitting?

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it's the same reason as to why nsfw artist are allowed to post AI-tier slop like that and get their dick sucked by horny kids while every other artist has to make immaculate works or else they suck; Favoritism.

Big accounts drive traffic and engagement, thus more ads shown on phones, you on the other hand, with your meager sub 1k followers that don't even give two shits about your work and most of them being pornbots anyway, do not drive traffic and engagement.

If you're big enough, rules don't apply to you anymore.

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>you need to meet market and demographics demands to make it on social media
>objectively that means pandering with porn towards the anime audience which mostly consists of minors who make up the active majority of social media traffic
>the solution would be to produce artworks that appeal to the lowest common denominator and any reference to already existing popular media helps a lot
>"no bro just bee urself and ur art sucks and ur jealous bro like bro stop seething u have ego bro behold my psychoanal fortune telling skills in litcherally inside your head and ur mad ur mad omg ur so mad and coping and jealous and seething because deep inside you also want to be rich and famous like everyone else... because i say so! like stop pointing things out why can't u just shut up stop questioning and just like and consume things?"
nsfwtards lost their collective shit at pic related

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>it's another episode of coomer tourist paypig whiteknighting for a pornfag and seething that his bad faith arguments don't work
man i do love misery though

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When you get mass reported, you either get banned automatically, or an admin checks out the reports and decides whether the profile should get banned or not.

If you're some nobody, with no followers that doesn't attract positive attention to the site, then kiss the profile good bye.
Did Blue Checkmarks report you? Banned or shadowbanned for sure.

I don't get why you retards can't figure this shit out on your own and say the most retarded and short sighted shit imaginable, just to disagree with somebody, this fag included >>6754032
How the fuck do you even think of interpreting that comic as whatever you say?
Nigga, this ain't twitter where you can ratio people and get clout from retards and trannies by twisting words and being retarded on purpose.
Honestly, are you fucking retarded or just underage?

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>they don't have to fear repercussions for their absolutely abhorrent and unironical sociopathic and unhinged behavior.
>inb4 they're going to get cancelled
By whom? Their own people? Unless they go against the "tribe", which is artists or do some shit that can't be damage controlled like touching kids or saying le nazi word, they will never get cancelled.
It's all fucked.

Remember pic related and how it made artists seethe beyond the sound barrier?

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>Get a job. Fulfill a service that is in demand. Provide a product that someone needs.
Apparently porn in all shapes and forms and fetishes is always in demand and drawing the anime girl of the month with her tits out, is always in demand.

Art has become synonymous with porn and is mostly pursued for the potential monetary gain.
You see artists who get out of art schools and the first thing they pursue, is porn and they built entire careers out of it exactly because people give them money for making a doodle.

The art that goes strong has always been furry art, because all furries are mentally ill porn addicts who need to fulfill their zoophilic fantasies since they can't really get away with it irl, apparently. And there is not much evidence of the opposite, if any.

The rest of the adult content that is also highly in demand, is anime characters of popular shonen shows in adult situations.
The instant a new anime show gets popular to normies, porn of it starts appearing en masse.

You have to realize that most people who consume and pay for this content, are exactly the "working adults" with regular jobs.
The people who you least expect it are always the biggest detriment to society, but offering those people a service for money, was and will always be profitable.
Who do you think buys cocaine, which is the best selling "party drug"?
>If this were any other time in history, you would be leered at and spat upon like the filthy degenerate street urchin that you are.
This was always the "anime is for pedophiles" thing.
They spit on and preach to others, while they do worse behind the curtains.
Like the anti-gay protesters who then get found out going to glory holes to suck dick.

People now get into art to get into selling porn.
Those who get into art because of their favorite porn, usually end up not developing beyond beg, thus not achieving success with the average consumer.

Everything is about sex and porn now.
The human race is doomed.

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>he only draws sfw art

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