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32 - my friends say that 30s > 20s and that 40s > 30s. You waste less time worrying about trivial shit, you have more money and use your time more wisely.

>where your skills are currently at
I draw regularly now which is most important to me

>where you'd like your skills to be
I’d want to make a piece of art instead of just drawings

>how has your art changed over the years
I used to only copy refs, now I can draw from imagination

>managing day job/art balance (not possible)
For ~5 yrs I would work 8hrs + commute 5hrs + draw 4hrs. There is plenty of time. I recently quit working after 9yrs to enjoy other facets of life. I have no intention of working again.

>the loss of your ligameme
Nah - there is plenty of time to enjoy drawing

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