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trannies are busy spamming blacked threads of /gif/ and /pol/

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>literal plebbit drama thread on /ic/
Not my problem.
Don't care.
The game has always been rigged.
Women will always fuck and cheat their way to the top and they will only complain if they don't get more than what they bargained for.
There will always be men in top position abusing their power for pussy and no one saying shit because they're all profiting from it.

Why the fuck would you even work for anyone else for shit pay and work conditions when in this day and age you can self-publish and market your shit while taking a shit?

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>it refused to work
Any board on 4chan isn't a "community", and it's good that it doesn't enable social media cancer by virtue of everyone being anonymous.
We're all just random fags interested in the same topic, not friends who need to suck each other's dicks by pretending to be nice and throw hollow praise at everything so we can follow and subscribe to each other just for meaningless social media numbers at an attempt to validate our shitty ego.
>You fags are so stuck on the trial by fire mentality for people wanting to learn that you pushed everyone away
Who is "you"? Is trial by fire a code word for not getting enough attention for shitty doodles?
>"ooooh loook i drew a shitty sketch of big titties and seggs with loli uooooh pls like n subscribe?!?!?!"
No one gives a shit about your shitty porn or autistic ocs except mindless consumers and faggots trying to groom retards starved for "networking".
It's all fucking fake platitudes that don't do shit for your art skill but only spark drama in the long term.

I trust and value more the anon who shits on my work and makes me actually see and realize the mistake i made than some faggot showering me with hollow praise.

>then sit here wondering why no one draws and no one learns anything.
No one draws because they're busy chasing drama and dopamine.
They never post their work so that they don't run the risk of someone calling them a beg because they're that insecure, miserable and autistic.

When someone posts their work in the generals and you don't give them the magical recipe on how to become a master and the cheats to become rich and famous, then you get called all sort of names.

Let's not start going into the discord territory and how cliques lurk this board for "targets" or how some incredibly miserable faggots try to meme their shitty inside jokes here believing they're 300IQ geniuses by spamming the same shitty word over and over.

It's all fucking tourists and newfags.
Normies should all die.

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>What is it that you guys even want out of an art community
Honesty, genuinely positive human connections and basic respect for one another.
Not a hugbox but also not a constant hurtbox.
That's the utmost desire of anyone who is still mentally stable in this crazy world.

We could all have fun together, but many desperately want to be the center of attention or use/bully others for materialistic and social gain.
Many want to impose their mental illnesses unto others.
Many demand to be accepted when they themselves don't accept anything that is different.
Many feel threatened by the success, skills or intelligence of others.
Many use their success to become tyrants.
Many feel justified on stomping the weak or those who don't have the correct opinions.
Many try to overtake the social circles to impose their own rules.
And way too many act based on their animalistic desires, public opinions and will do and say anything to feel validated or gain an advantage over others to fuel their ego.
Honest and genuine good people cannot survive or function in such an environment.

You're supposed to graduate and mature from the high school teenager mentality bordering on sociopathic narcissism to become an actual adult but it seems many don't have the intellectual capacity to do that, hence why shit's fucked beyond imagination.
Such people also tend to seek and cling to any social gathering no matter how generally shit the people in it are or how toxic the environment might be.
>Inb4 but 4chan
On here, you're free to come and go as you like and you have no profile attached to your posts.
This alone makes a huge difference from regular social media and forums.

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