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its the usual
>shit on eceleb and then start calling everyone a jealous crab thread
>those who call everyone else a crab never post their work
What do you shitposters even get out of that?
(you)s will never fill the void

Csr 's coomslop is bland shite but it fulfills the purpose of wowing the normies by having the soft colors and the epic anime girls with abs and shit
Same as sakimishit, irrya garbage and all the other hacks who do nothing but the same thing over and over and have been successful with it, exactly because it is bland therefore it has mass appeal

i won't reply

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>filtered by anime
Your mom's a tranny

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>it's because titties
And there you have it. Was that so hard?

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>it's malasya anon
i remember seeing a malasyan shitposter in every /pol/ thread constantly getting shit on
shit makes a lot of sense now
>mikufag still hasn't gotten any better since 2015
>actually has gotten worse
damn, mikufag-kun

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>no words
>no drawing
>literally nothing
>from an account with 570k followers drawing generic anime girls being kawaii n shit

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Just go watch one youtube art tutorial about classical painting and go from there for the render.
Make the same small mouth and big anime eyes for every character but change the hair so your average cattle can tell from which videogaymeanime it is.
Always draw the new anime videogame stuff the instant it comes out.
Also keep a bunch of poses pre-drawn and pre-rendered so that you only need to swap out the anime head.
Lineart doesn't need to be clean.
There is no super secret sauce recipe.
>waaah crab 10k a month waaaah muh style copy his work muh copycat niche ai muh style
Literally just go draw.
If you want money that badly, get a job or sell ass.

No one respects a copycat and you should honestly feel ashamed of yourself if copying someone elses work is your art goal because of shallow shit like money and imaginary social media numbers.
If you want shit that bad and with no effort, the ultimate solution is to break laws and go steal shit.
But no, you also want to be worshipped as an artist, am i right?

Good god, the absolute state of effeminate zoomers.

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>nice coom who is she
A regular /ic/ drawfag, she posts her stuff every once in a while and has gotten in quite some fuss before, specially about the topic of drawing NSFW art of other's characters. Thing about this femanon is that she posted some pics of herself that are archived in some old /trash/ threads and has mentioned that she is also a stripper, hence the draw.
I made that draw not as a gotcha or to try and outsmart her, but for the fun and thrill of drawing a pinup of a real woman. It was fun.
Agreed, I still doubt that anon is actually going to draw her, you have to actually care about something in order to do it and mere contrarianism for the sake of it isnt going to cut it.

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>anon wont phw so you can just post whatever
based and stickmanpilled
>trying to flex with another man's dick
Cringe and bugmanpilled

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>go join alcoholics anonymous
>never drank a drop of alcohol your whole life
>complain that you won't get a sobriety coin

>join karate dojo
>bring a baseball bat
>complain you're not given the title of grandmaster

>be man
>put on wig and say you're a woman
>join women's competitions
>complain that people aren't willing to accept you

>join basketball game
>start kicking the ball
>complain that you get booted of the team

>join drawing club
>start copypasting pictures
>complain that artists won't accept it

>join sculpting club
>bring a 3d printer
>complain that the sculptors don't accept you

>go into club
>start talking about to make the hobby more efficient with all sorts of tools to skip doing the work and actually learning the craft
>believe you're smart because you know the technowabble buzzwords and watched a youtube vid about networks

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>proceeds to be that guy
Yes, reluctantly.
>muh selective memory buzzword
Everything you dont know is a buzzword now? The concept is not that complicated and it applies well in this case.
>let me tell you what you're thinking since i am literally in your mind right now
Yes, and let me tell you there's a lot of space in yours.
>because we are all aware that we're generalizing.
Good! Then I dont need to tell you that generalization is a poor and ill-willed argument in any qualitative context.
>I've seen retarded shit like yours posted on the regular by all types of artists, where they can the most innocuous shit, and make an elephant-
Holy project keeeek.
>This retarded behavior is why people say they hate artists.
>"Y-you make us look bad! It's not us shitting on people for nuances!"
Holy project keeeeek

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>ok anon, so what are these specific "projects" for which you are creating OC's ?
A novel, I already started writing for the first chapters and putting the setup and characters together and. If things go well, I may upgrade it into an illustrated novel. Admittedly, Im very slow to write and I havent finished the writing of a single chapter (other than drafts), but since it's a personal project among other important things, Im taking my time with it, in the meantime Im still practicing my writing and drawing the characters.

And like I said, since Im giving this project a professional approach, I dont see this characters as "OCs", but rather as characters, Im also saving myself from sperging about them as I used to and limiting to ask for feedback on my characters and setups if I actually need it.

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>But this is a bad thing somehow because it makes you feel like you wasted your time...
No, it is annoying that you fags invade artist spaces and want to be considered real artists and feel entitled to money and job opportunities while sabotaging other artists by stealing their works with a machine.
You posses no skill nor do you make an effort, you have a car and demand to compete in foot races while calling everyone who doesn't accept you as a transathlete a bigot.

I mean, it would be fine if you went to compete with other car owners.
>but muh infinite content
Content is nice because it is finite.
If i could shit out infinite images, what's would be the point of doing it in the first place?

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>i kept telling them but they didn't want to listen
>They disregarded the warnings as "schizo" rambling
>a board being shitposted 24/7 is the result
I can tell you the magic formula on how to get rid of them:
Just write more words and engage in honest discourse.
They hate reading, they hate truth and they are intellectual abominations.

Whenever someone replies with the usual snark and overused one word ad hominem, just don't reply.
Only reply to good posts.

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Yep, we totally did have this thread a few days ago >>6770679, and it most certain now that it's from the artist himself shilling his stuff in his usual attempt of larping as someone else.

That said, for those genuinely curious on the subject, Im going to repeat myself from the post on the prior thread.
>How do you recognize an artist?
By their unique stylization and drawing babits. Stylization comes from the artistic choices you pick for your style and works, while the drawing habits come from the unconscious small details in your performance and techniques that certify your art as yours.
There are other subjective factors I forgot to mention, such as the artist's actions in the communities they're in and also the things they draw.
>How do we know the artist in the OP
Mostly due to the drawing habits and his actions in this specific board, he's been acting up heavily, so some of us already caught up to the drawing habits behind his generic weeb coom trash. But aside from that, not many people know his works and it's not very recognizable to begin with. Also this pic is even less recognizable than the last one.


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>acting tough over the internet is somehow a thing
>over text nonetheless
>wants a (you) that bad
Post something good then, epic 4channer.
If your next shit ain't good, you get no reply.

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>no human can have such visual memory how to know every single angle?
I dont think you got the point of what I meant, but let me clarify myself since what I said was kind of lacking anyway.

What I mean is that, when you cant find a precise reference for something, you can simply create it yourself by grabbing as many useful images as you can (keeping them near you for quick consulting, I mean) and making the combinations for the whole composition inside your head while also changing some things to make the combinations make sense.
An example of this would be using three different draws to make a final draw based on A's legs, B's arms and C's facial expression. You acquire the references for each element you need separately, then combine them in your mind to have the general idea and accurately make the connections, while you have the original references at hand to for consulting the details of each element separately.

This method has helped me a lot whenever I have problems finding a reference, it's also a good way of studying poses and construction as you're essentially doing what OP did but in your head and making the corrections there and on the canvas. Granted, this method gets more difficult to pull off depending on the elements you need to combine, and the incompatibilities can be a pain to deal with too.

To answer your question, no, Im not talking about visual memory here, it's about using references and mental construction.

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>everyone talks about how solo leveling is THE shit
>start reading it
>It's a high schoolers power and social fantasy
>start checking out more non-jap mangas
>it's all high schoolers power and social fantasies
>"i was a fat/poor loser but now im magically rich and famous and everyone loves me, all women want my dick and the haeters r just jelly. MC is the perfect being."
Even Mashle's MC has this flaw to an extent.
>they're mogging japon
Korean webtoons are literally the lowest bottom of the barrel only actual kids unironically enjoy.
>Many young Japanese people
>especially girls
And there you have the driving demographic. It's always girls, no matter the market.
Kpop would have been unknown to the west if it wasn't for aggressive marketing in form of online stans, both fake and genuine.
>Enjoy all the k-manga adaptations coming in the next 10 or so years made by legit japanese studios.
Ultimately, if it sells, it sells and companies are going to follow the money.
Just like manga outsould and outdid comics and capeshit in the west with the younger demographics, worst korea managa adaptations might be done by jap studios.
Hell, jap manga adaptations have been outsourced to other asian animation studios for years now.
>most american mass entertainment lost relevance and connection with the world.
Thank fucking god for that.

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Oh no, a bunch of mentally ill trannies don't like me? What am i going to do now?
Still not an argument though.

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>"I don't like it thus its bad! What you expect me to actually know about character design?"
>calls it critique
Critique is supposed to be based on objective observations though
I'm going to give you an example;

Your trolling would have more value if you actually put any weight behind it, not necessarily posting work, but at least point out and elaborate obvious irrefutable facts that no one can disagree on instead of spamming insults, hollow platitudes, twitter memes and provocations like a cumguzzling homosexual and insisting you're right when in fact you have done nothing but spam and samefag like an highly effeminated redditi user who leans to the extreme left no matter what and spams fanction of children's cartoons and soft core porn on subs with minors.
Insisting on
>b-b-b-but this board is artwork&critique y u mad
Is a cop out and an evasive move because you cannot offer a counter argument and still insinst on provocations.
And for what? For (you)s? For what purpose would you go out of your way this much and not only be wrong, but be this much of a retarded faggot?
Are you moaning in pleasure as anons reply to you, with the voices in your head conveniently sounding the posts your can barely comprehend how you want them to, assuring yourself that you somehow made some strangers mad by posting absolute trash?

Not only do you lack critical observation, you also lack wisdom and knowledge about the arts, as you have clearly showed itt.
I advise you to either gtfo the board and go back to twitter or lurk 2 years before posting.

And if you still insist that you're not trolling, boy, you should take your own life and stop wasting resources.

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I've been getting my grasp at softcore and pinups, it's proven to be a struggle since they often require some bit of storytelling and elaboration, but it pays off really nice as personal fulfillment.
As for the social media game, I've heard there's a noticeable niche for softcore and the like, and I can see how... it's mainly people taking advantage of this magical element of not being able to see X artist go full coom (magic that breaks once they actually go coom). I've tried to post some of my softcorn stuff and it pays relatively well, not the greatest thing in the world, but still. If you do enjoy it, give it a go, it's a really nice niche.
>I enjoy drawing nude pinups over fetish shit.
For once OP is actually based. Post your stuff, Im curious to see it.

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Yes, but in such high numbers is kind of hard to make sense of.
I mean, that would be a new pathetic low for humanity as a whole if there are droves upon droves of such incredibly retarded people.
What you describe is beyond retardation of the utmost ignoble degree, it's almost physical brain rot, but you do have a valuable point since people have indeed become unfathomable dopamine junkies.
They are obviously in on it.
Google how money laundering works.
Glowies won't knock on your door.
>it wouldn’t surprise me if someone invested in bots to inflate their value so someone with deeper pockets would invest in them. it’s how big tech companies and investors are like these days.
Exactly. It's one of the oldest scam in the book where interest or hype is simulated to get third parties to spend money on whatever is being sold.
Yes, but anon, the choice matters in this case.
If one is a coomer who wants novel stuff, he wouldn't give money for bland, basic pin ups of fotm.
Such pictures wouldn't even get veteran spermomancer's blood to travel to his dick.

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>you will never be a wageslave for some corporation, being forced to commute to work and slave 12 hours a day every day, forced to deal with normalfags, to earn a meager wage, so you can feel important and boast about it like the retarded, validation seeking teenager you are
Oh, no.

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can you stop posting this thread every few weeks?

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trannies are busy spamming blacked threads of /gif/ and /pol/

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