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>Be me, shitty autist
>Wake up one morning
>Drawing hand is fucking dead
>Shoot self in head
>Oh wait nvm, hand is dead, can't pull the trigger
>Can't tie a noose
>Can't open the safety cap on a bleach bottle
>Only live in a one storey house, so can't jump to death
>Masturbate with dead hand
>Convince self it's a corpse giving a hand job
>Necrophilia fetish goes into overdrive
>Masturbate 72 times in one day
>Die of a heart attack as a result

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>tfw this actually happened to me a few weeks ago
Fuck Loomis, Fuck learning fundies

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>tips for young artists
>tfw old ass /beg/
It's over.

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Utterly pathetic, you call this a hiatus? Try decades, bitch. I only lurk in /ic/ to wallow in my regret and sadness at what I could have achieved.

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>tfw all the other old fags either made it or moved on with their lives while I’m still here shitposting with toddlers

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I study so much I have no energy to draw.
I still try to """draw""" everyday so for the last week i haven't ""draw"" anything else but ovals and squares in my sketchbook

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>tfw you post 5 different drawings in 5 different /ic/ threads and only get like 2 replies

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3 days nofap, amateur. Try failing no nut after 5 months.

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i have never finished a single piece

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I feel like a subhuman pos because I know it's my own damn fault.

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Too real

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This wojak. Makes me happy whenever I see someone post it.

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It’s gone. All my passion is gone. I had so many ideas when I started art, web comics, graphic novels, concept art, even animated short films. Now I don’t care. I have no reason to draw but I still do it daily out of some jaded sense of obligation. The habit of drawing has been ingrained in me and I carry it out like a robot. There is no more emotion in it and the embers of my lost passion have long since faded. My mind is constantly clouded by fog and these days I can’t even remember why I started drawing in the first place.

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I don’t have much time to draw during the school year but since it’s summer my schedule goes like this
>wake up at 1 PM
>check /ic/ for (you)s
>check /ic/ for (you)s
>draw something
>looks like shit so don’t feel like drawing anymore
>>check /ic/ for (you)s
>look at art by artists I admire
>do a quick study of their work
>looks like shit so don’t feel like drawing
>>check /ic/ for (you)s
>watch tutorial art videos/courses/skim through books to try to learn and improve
>try to apply knowledge by drawing
>looks like shit so don’t feel like drawing
>>check /ic/ for (you)s
>doodle from imagination for a few hours while thinking what it’s be like if I could draw like KJG
>think about making it as a pro and how tomorrow will be the day where I finally start improving and study properly
>>check /ic/ for (you)s
>thoughts of inadequacy begin to overtake my mind
>go to bed at 6 AM

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>find an artist online whose work I really love
>all the pros I admire are following this person as well
>check their age
>they’re years younger than me

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That’s it, I give up.

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