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>he really thinks he’s part of the ruling caste and will have a seat at the table when AI takes over everything and the Internet becomes an unusable automated cesspool of spam, deepfakes and propaganda
>mfw AIcels are all like this
>find a mentor
That’s the ideal, Ateliers are probably the closest anyone can get to a classical renaissance style of art education.

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Reading this thread again trying to make sense out of it, what was OP trying to accomplish? Prove to us that he was some sort of badass since Nintendo was after him? This is similar with the kid that lies about how his dad works for Nintendo.

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>somebody liked their art and cared enough to share and reupload it on different website
Imagine actually believing this. The same artists uploaded that crap on their own dummy.

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Laugh if you must but that spider girl is the most adorable little shit i've ever seen.

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I love drawing so much!

Do you love drawing? No? Why?

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I love drawing so much

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>I have never seen a penis
>t. F*moid

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