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I remember the days when "pros" would go through insane lengths to fake "no reference used" and made elaborate fake step by steps to prove that they were not tracing or heavily referencing photos (when they did) to keep up the myth that really gud pros never ever look at reference or draw from anything other than their imagination, this is a rather prominent case where it backfired, because people recognized the jap porn model he traced. Any other cases like that?

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Here's a good one.

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>No, he said that he painted the textures 100% from imagination
That's called MARKETING!
>look mom, no hands
As long as nobody calls you out on your shit it's a competetive strategy to boast as much and as many unrealistic claims as you can stack on top of each other.

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Lets celebrate tracers that claim to use no reference when they heavily do

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There's so much of this shit with "no reference used" pro artists. And it doesnt come up more often because people just dont bother checking their claims.

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