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This is true, and even still if you don't study at all and just doodle/draw for all that time you won't learn anything else. You will only get better at making it look right to you, but it'll be wrong. Seriously I know from experience. I drew for 10+ years without studying because it was just a stress relief hobby. Now I'm studying and my improvement is skyrocketing. It makes a difference to read those books and watch proko and find what works for you. Pic related are my arts. The full body one is without study, the headshots are with study. (I started studying this year.)

The full body looks like good improvement, but it's actually bad considering all the time in between. But it was because I didn't study and the images still look super flat and stuff and bland. No one will buy that.

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Hahaha I found these old pictures a few weeks ago and quickly redrew them. I know it's bad progress when you think about it, but! I never did studies or go to art classes. This improvement is just from constant mindless doodling throughout my life. I wish I had the chance to pursue art for real when I was younger. But that's life. I'm doing studies now, this year has been a turning point in my life regarding art.

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So I found some gems the other day that I thought were lost forever. This is my improvement. It's not so great but considering that I never did studies or classes it's interesting how I improved just by living life, observing, and doodling.

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