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Capeshit encourages bad design decisions. I wish I could explain why. Maybe it's because the original author usually isn't working on the original work, by necessity.
Even the "good" cape artists like Jim Lee tend to have zero style or memorability, and there seems to be some cosmic rule that all cape comics must be painted in eye-piercing kiddie colors, because these ultra-retards never learned basic color theory.
A Mignola type guy - a guy with originality in style, with fresh ideas - is rare in popular American comics. Though it seems like it's gotten better over time, especially in the digital age. Easier to find guys like pic related.
>I consider someone like Liefeld a cartoonist and wouldn't expect his work to be any more anatomically correct than Bugs Bunny.
He'd make a terrible cartoonist because he has no taste or design sense, unlike the Bugs Bunny artists

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