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>It's official, check
>Shonen Jump News - Unofficial
It's a leak from within WSJ, not an official announcement yet.
That said I just saw the rest of the tweet chain. RIP.
>Honestly, I don't think I really need a consolation prize personally
Poorfag here, 500k yen would have been very very nice to have.

https://medibang.com/book/o82008231744269080004378258/ & https://medibang.com/book/112008231906366660004378258/ from the same guy.
I think there were more but these are the ones I remember as frequent posters in these threads specifically. Dark Inheritance guy had a 2nd entry as well.

ikr. Hurts knowing you should have tried harder in retrospect. Well, now we have that knowledge, lol.

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>perspective and forms starting to come naturally
>symbol drawing less and less
>2 days later
>total regression and block
>studies come out shit and teach nothing
I want it back, how do I make it come back

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>cant find ref for a specific pose i want
"it's okay ill just use a simpler pose"
>keeps fucking up body ratios and whatever so i waste 20 mins trying to fix shit
"i-it's fine"
>finished lineart is complete dogshit

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how do you motivate yourself to finish something even tough you know for certain it won´t look like you want it to?

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im sorry anon.
I cant find the wherewithal to complete anything I make anymore.
It used to be not a problem, but somethings happend and Im not sure what it is.

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so what is it that bring in more followers? Gesture work or polished turds?

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Perfect thread.
Traditionally when I draw, I hold my pencil like conte, and I draw with a 0.9 mechanical when I don't have my graphite holder.
Problem is, I cant for the life of me, draw like that on digital so I end up not doing it at all.
It sucks because i know that everyone is making the switch to digital, and my bamboo tablet is just sitting here collecting dust.

Is there a way to extend the 'nib'?

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Im going to go die in a corner now

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>Low-res space photo
>Dem polar distortion
>Transparent 3D modeled hands and face

This is crapolo.

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