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it's pretty funny

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I was in the same bag as you- still am, can't really stomach raw books for hours at a time.
I just start a finished piece, complete it (even if it takes days, whatever). In the process of completing it I'll still inevitably encounter shit I can't understand or replicate well even with refs and that's when I'll pop open the Loomis book or the chink video that'll clearly explain me what to do.
It's a much more involved way to use artbooks and resources as you don't get into it blindly, you have a purpose, incentive to check out how the fuck some old man's hips are constructed because if you're anything like me you'll still really want to finish that one drawing even though you know it'll likely look quite bad when it's finished. And when it is finished you'll remember more clearly how you did that part you blocked on, maybe do a couple studies on the side to be sure to remember, and get mileage out of that. I suggest you try that method. There'll inevitably be resistance involved at the start but you gotta power through it until it becomes a habit.

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Look up "locus of control".

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Fuck off Prokek

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>a moment"

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