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this all i could find just now. I belive the original may be from 2005 or 4-ish?

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What impossible dream are you talking? When he started he was on the level of most of people on Drawthread. Dave just kept at it.

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How did Dave Rapoza get good? His old works he posted on conceptart.com weren't good at all, yet he made a solid progress during these 6 years and everyone will agree that he's a really good artist. Hell, even /ic/ won't dare to shit on him because he does all of his works with no references or photobashing.
>inb4 he studied
Ye, but how? I watched several interviews with him, and he said he was practicing 12 hours a day but that's not saying much, it's like the scene from opm when saitama says his training consists of 100 push ups squats and sit ups. Ive seen many artists on this site that were dedicated like him but after ten years maybe one or two didn't stop progressing after the second year, and it's my personal fear, even though I still haven't proceed in studying, I don't want to waste years like these guys did

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