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Be the cringe, learn from the cringe.
Also erotic dialogue is really, really difficult to do.
That's why in most porn you just have a few lines or really uneloquent and almost childish dialogue or none at all.
If the image speaks for itself, you don't need words.
Seems like the most fitting and believable stereotype.
Honestly looks pretty good at first glance.
The only fault i can see upon further inspection is that you need more consistent lineweight.
Keep going, anon.
>who the fuck knows anything when it comes to art
bad mindset, other people have eyes too, you don't have to take everything others say as gospel but sometimes even the words of a jester are worth considering.
First thing that stands out is the nose on both and the eyes, the arm, the hand and the awkward pose on the second one.
The lines need some more refinement and consistency.
>but if one is unsalvageable
If you don't want to draw then don't and come back to it once you have more exp.
You'll break yourself by "not being a quitter".

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