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First of all, you should decompose the landscape into big shapes, then progressively smaller ones, ignoring color, and pushing the composition further.

Second, you should take into account mood and lighting. Since it's a fucking landscape, there's no anatomy to check, but things like perspective still exist.

Remember this:

>First plane, you have objects.
>Further back, objects form patterns.
>Next, patterns form textures.
>Last, textures form color.

Due to the lack of a better image, I'll use pic related. Notice the trees closer to the camera. The trees in the back form this ΛΛΛΛ pattern, and their leaves form a texture. The same with the mountains and the grass. Further back, textures should be blurred into a single uniform color.

Study perspective, rendering, composition and lighting, and you'll be good.

I recommend that you check "Sketching anything with Aaron Limonick". Good luck and check your fundies.

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