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Surprising that the reference screenshot"death parade" is kind of difficult imo. Probably a 7/10 on hard scale to accurately do a 1:1 study for me.

It's do able, a lot easier than hibike genga or haikyuu closeups "that shit is like tough" 8/10 hard imo.

Some of it. I notice some things that I could improve on via seeing the way he sketches and the time he took. I don't do digital painting as of yet. I think a person has to figure out on their own about how much you can get out of studying under a artist or their work.

So yeah. Maybe a closer examination in the future give me more insight to talk about him and he's techniques more detail when I do digital.

And if people are interested still in the future I'll some of the more interesting content for you guys/girls.

Sorry for late reply, look for that niuya's haikyuu genga was so fricking hard to find.

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