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why doesn't this image get sent more often?

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I found pic related from a thread some months ago and it has actually been a great blessing for me.
I frequently got advice like
>just draw bro lol
clearly doesn't work. If you are shit at drawing and you draw more shit you aren't actually moving anywhere productive; Usually just stomping on a pile of the same shit making the same mistakes and missing the same key fundamentals over and over again.
>there are so many courses out there!
yes but which one?
plz just tell me one :*(
So here I am to tell you exactly what I did.

Following pic rel I started with CtrlPaint (its free, start with basics). I'm using Krita he's using photoshop. It took me 3 or 4 weeks before we even got to drawing an apple. Every 5 minute video lecture took me an hour of pausing every sentence to google how to do what he said on krita and follow along. Some lessons are missing the .psd download so I just screenshot his video and upload that to krita to follow along. Use your brain. I am 2k% more fluent in krita now thanks to this guy. There is no shortcut. You have to brute force your way through lots of "boring" to actually learn the program and its capabilities thoroughly. I'm hardly a L33T HAXOR now but I went from literally not knowing how to merge a layer or change the brush tag to making my own custom brushes and being basically fluent in the "photo-editing" aspects of the program. I even know where my resource folder is now!

Second, I decided to "sail" marc brunet's art academy. To do this you need to get qBittorent (make sure it's q when you google it). Then google "rutracker marc brunet", translate the page etc. use your brain figure it out (cubebrush). magnet link at the bottom of forum post.
Sail this course (its 36.8 gb). he says if you "attend class" and study for 3-4 hours a day you should finish his course in ~2 years. I just started but I am already so grateful.

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Hey /ic/, I've noticed that many artists here are very lost when it comes to learning art on their own, and the books on the sticky are not very useful, I've seen users from here practicing with those books and never getting any good result. That's why I decided to make this guide after asking a lot of artists friends and by my own experience too. You don't have to strictly read the books in the picture, but i think these resources are the most helpful and complete out of them all. If you're a newbie artist don't hesitate to follow this guide so you don't end up going back and forth like me when learning art. Hope you like it.

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