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Do the average fine artist who makes abstract art and installations and other stupid dumb shit, like, makes money off that?

I keep seeing threads about some random painting about dots selling for billions, but it seems is more about networking and investment and money laundering than real art.

I read such artists barelly make an average of 30k in the US in forbes, so I'm unsure if the average graduate of art doing such BS can survive off that.

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>all those yous making fun of my 20 minute drawing
>nobody post their art
I assume nobody here can draw waifus then.

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Is there any artists from several decades ago that made modern art and it was just forgotten now?

It seem to me that modern artists and the faggots who make ugly art will always seem fringe to average people.

I mean, after 70 years people still debate whether picasso skills are top tier or not.

I don't think that happens with highly skilled clasical artist, even anime and cartoon artists get famous and revered if they make cute/pretty things that happens to be skilled.

I got the feel that the artists who focus on making shocking or ugly pointless art will be forgotten a couple decades after they die.

How many pollock clones do we know today?

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oh really? sorry, my bad, i must have misunderstood the name of the file being looool.png thinking you try to mock to it

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If I ask japanese people on newkousur if they think my anime girls look like real japanese shit does this mean I've made it, even if /ic/ complains I'm crap?

Why should I value more the opinions of gaijin over real japanese?

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hi, internet police here

this board is officially dead nothing but weebshit and attention whore tripfag drama
we tumblr now

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>That guy at figure drawing class who always adds horse cocks to his depictions of the model

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>It's an anon copies a post from another dead thread where it was btfo and re-posts it for le epic bait episode

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