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If one wants to get decent (hireable level) in 2 years, what kind of routine does he have to adopt? Figure drawing every day, what else?

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But we all have probably looked at multiple cats. There are a lot of cats and a lot of cat footage, a lot of information on cats, a lot of cat owners. The experience, context, intent helps sell that funny fat cat.
Even the execution of a badly taken phone photo builds this. It adds up (there are diminishing returns), but starting from scratch with nothing but "elf" and "fairy" is in op's case a bit boring, even though we've all seen elves and faeries, wedding gowns, forests.

OP's piece is probably not for the purpose of selling a concept though but just a display of personal skill which is completely fine. I highly doubt he went into this thinking "man I am going to create a world today". This stuff will get you hired because it's still just well rendered work, although it is quite low quality in comparison to other korean artists.
The competition in terms of this kind of soft-rendered work is really steep.

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RJ was famous already when he made this and it was soulful.
It's just that the way he uses light in his new pieces makes them look like 3d renders.

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Your values are too close together. There are no noticeably dark shadows where there could be to add interest, atmosphere and contrast. This piece could be very cool if you added more soft shadows to pull off a chiaroscuro effect.

For example you could make the background, especially around the character's head, much darker to really create a sense of luminosity on the on his face. Perhaps leave only a 3rd of his body directly in the light while the rest recedes into shadow or just occasionally catches light.

Other posters have speculated that you're going for a Ruan Jia look. Kind of looks like it, so learn from how he uses light and shadows:

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Yes, good, and that's all. I want to be much better, like pic related for example

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Why are you acting like something cant be art through visuals alone? All that craftsmanship art in galleries like Da Vinci's proves you wrong.
Ruan Jia is a very plain, boring digital artist, his hues and da glow charms the masses, because, heh, pwetty colors is the only thing people care about. Good enough for exibition.

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