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I fucking hate Twitter, and I fucking hate social butterfly Artist on Tumblr. Just fucking make a separate account for blogging/micro phoning.

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>Hur dur anon

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Split /ic/ in two different boards.

1 : /aic/ - Anime Artwork/Critique
2 : /wic/ - Western Artwork/ Critique

It's no secret this board has been shittier and shittier thanks to the normalshit newfags coming straight from /soc/, /co/ or worse from websites like tumblr, reddit, facebook and the likes polluting threads after threads by getting triggered at the mention of anime on an anime website.

By splitting /ic/ in two it will allow for better cohesion between the two distinct groups, and thus vastly improve the general posting quality and general atmosphere.
Containment boards for these "people" were created in the past (as aforementioned, /soc/, /co/, or again /int/, /pol/ and the likes) so there's no reason why yet another board couldn't be created to resolve the current growing issue.

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