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>Waxing poetic fraternity and tradition on an anonymous message board with a constantly changing user base makes you an idiot.
Not that anon but seriously go fuck yourself. It's because of kikes and refugees from other places like yourself that refuse to Assimilate that bring this site down. You would rather create a site you ran away from here than to care about adding or preserving tradition of a thread like this. Changing userbases means nothing if they do not try to Assimilate.
>Maybe if instead of worrying about inconsequential things like the image on the OP you could have actually made something of yourself in the last 6 years.
>Implying having goals is bad
>implying Anon did not improve the site or his art in 6 years.
I would rather have him on the board and those that will carry tradition than some nihilist edgelord that thinks Nothing matters and will make this place indistinguishable from the rest.

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