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^ Never Gonna Make It.

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I recently had a revelation about life and its meaning. We are only here for ~80 years. Less for some people, more for others.

That's a fucking blink of an eye if you think about it. And at the end, what's there? Nothing.
Not the nothingness of empty space, but Real Nothingness which has no size and no time. That is death (imo). A nothingness so complete, you wouldn't even miss it...for that, you'd have to be there.

If you can picture this Nothingness that awaits you, then What is there to be afraid of?
Errors and embarrassments will be forgotten, but great achievements may not.

We may not have a specific meaning in the cosmic context of the universe. We make our own meaning with each other.
We each have a finite number of days to live and we don't know what that number is.

The reason I make art is not only to put ideas onto paper, or paint an illustration because I thought it was cool. It is to let people see that there is more to life than Essays, Work, Money. I want my art to help open the eyes of some people to realize that we are not eternal, but our legacy is and will be.

My goal is not important. Making art lets me enjoy this brief moment of life just a little more. And if someone else finds solace in my artwork, all the better.

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Welcome to /ic/.

The Questions thread is here:
The patience threshold for newcomers on /ic/ is rather low, as you can see above. You're more likely to have positive and polite answers in the Questions thread.

Before asking "what should I read/view/study/learn," consult the Sticky: >>1579290

On perspective, the Sticky advises:
> I recommend "Perspective Made Easy" by Ernest Norling, because of its low treshold.
> You'll go through the book with ease and it's filled with exercises to make sure you keep up with the author.

And last but not least, we have a Beginners thread, where you're welcome to post your studies, no matter your current level:

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Just put Shibe in a box, now draw Shibe, it's that easy.

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new /ic banner?

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