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What's your go-to for environment references? I'd like to learn how to paint forests and other green areas specifically

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art doesn't fucking care how many thousand hours you spent or how much you sacrificed or how old you are. don't you understand??? art cares about beauty, awe, the ethereal, the uncanny. Art wants to feel. Art wants to live. Art cannot just be captured by grinding away like a slave instead of living. Enough with the ad hominem, explain why the fuck her art is any good. Talk about colors. talk about composition. Talk about interpretation. talk about subject matter. talk about atmosphere. talk about design. talk about abstraction. talk about art fundamentals.
If i wanted to lock myself in a room for the rest of my life like a sperg and do nothing but paint photorealism, i wouldn't be arguing about bullshit on a toaster forum. I'm here because i care about art that inspires me. And this girl's work is fucking boring and uninspired. plain. and. simple.

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I am talking about good rendering

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the problem with this guy, Ruan Jia, and others with the same style is that they focus so much on rendering and not much on perspective, composition, and drawing the figure in general. once you get past all the shimmery "digital-impressionism" you can see they neglected their most obvious weak points and that all they've really mastered are painting portraits.

this is not to say they aren't skilled. just that the closer you look at this stuff the less impressive it gets.

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How do I achieve Ruan Jia's level of art? I am looking for specific tips, not general Loomis and other shit stuff. I want to be like him, I want to be him.

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