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>From what I understand Huion's got better build quality but terrible customer service and tech-support, while XP-Pen's got flimsier hardware but good or great customer service?
Idk I found Huion to be pretty bro tier. I was talking to them on their on-site chat and guy was pretty cool. I asked him why/how Huion was better than Xp-pen and he replied pretty much that xp-pen was shit. I asked Xp-pen the same question and only got robotic replies reading of specs and shit wouldn't even mention huion. Also I returned the Huion cus I found display tablets are just a huge waste of money and it was fairly easy and straight forward. This was when the corona virus was becoming serious and a lot of their warehouses were closed. The guy jjust had me send it to one of the Huion sales representitives.

Also you can afford the non pro intuos. It only has 4k levels of pressure sensitivy, but I heard of a lot of issues with the pressure sensitivity of chinkshit products. The chinkshits might be able to boast double the pressure levels but those are just numbers. how well does the pen actually calculate the pressure you apply?

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