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>But overall, you gotta just learn to read the subtle cues, and make a move if she’s wanting you to.
Great way of setting yourself up for a rape accusation, you can't just "read between the lines" anymore. You must always be thinking about not leaving behind any ambiguity as if you are a lawyer trying to make a case as clear and without any benefit of doubts in this day and age of the #metoo movement.
>I'm not like the other girls!
Sure, maybe she'll put on the farce of being a sweet and innocent good little girl to get you hooked but once she deduces your networth and if you're worth the trouble she'll go out her way to defraud you by faking a pregnancy test and suck your blood dry.

It's amazing how guys are so vulnerable, fragile and easily manipulated by a pretty face and yet here we are putting pussy on a pedestal when in fact it should be Men who need to be taken care of instead of being disposable.

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>He still hasn't become an animator, character designer, illustrator, novelist, song writer or even a voice actor for his waifus
>He sits in his chair all day growing ever so bitter while shitposting about kr0n's sameface and cliche art style
>He nitpicks the anatomy of other renowned artists posting with medical terminologies to boost his ego and dopamine levels
>Meanwhile he jerks off to his own unfinished sketches of lewds and niche fetishist featuring his waifu.
Why haven't you made your own anime commercial yet, /ic/?

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While our ethics are just and serve as a deterrent from the rampant faggotry coming from Tumblr and etcetera I must say you've tantalized curiosity. Would you be so kind as to post your work?

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I like where this is going

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You faggots shouldn't be laughing, /biz/ would unironically put on the kneepads for $10 a pop especially now. You're the last people who should be laughing.

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