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why is he hated here ? I legit don't know, I once posted pic related and I got shat on. I don't come on this board enough to know why

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How can I practice basics (face drawing) without mindlessly copying references or reading .pdf I don't understand ?
I would like to practice basics while producing something I can be proud of and not throw away.

Is it a possible thing to do ? Honestly .pdf are not helping me drawing better faces, I can't even find the style of face I would like to go for.

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What's are some good inspiration for styles based around thin lines, I'm looking for a very light style. But I don't know the good references.
I already have Mobius in mind. But I'm looking for more. I want to develop my style but I can feel that I am going to many ways at once

Pic related is something I would like to take inspiration from without going full manga style

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How do I draw like Kuvshinov Ilya?

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