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>Shitting on RJ out of left field

Oof. Gotta address this before anything else. The amount of effort he puts into his designs is astronomical. If you're big brained enough, you can see all the allusions to very real, specific animals with scale patterns, shapes and color designs. Any artist that puts that much thought and effort into their work on a design level should be elevated well past Ilya

That aside, I think you (and many other people in this thread) are missing a lot of things. First off, breaking anatomy to show action has been a staple of stylistic art since, well, forever. And since LoL has a stylistic code that involves this, it comes as no surprise that they play fast and loose in this regard. LoL art always focuses portraying subjects with dynamism and fluidity(>>3968488 hits this sentiment right on the nose) I guess you could call following a specific style chart "selling out" but then you immediately discredit every artist working in the market that has to work within stylistic bounds. And I would say that is both foolish and a great disservice to all of those people working hard to produce this art

portrays my point on this well, actually. while the head and shoulder are adjusted to properly fix some of the anatomical issues, that's not what riot would prioritize. From a composition and thematic standpoint, the more integral things are;
having her head more up into the top 3rd
and, the negative space surrounding her face that would be gone if he edit had the scope in-front of her eye (like it would be). This would damage the readability immensely, especially when it comes down to in-game where it only shows the portrait.

the entire thread has a feeling of animosity. This wont get any of you anywhere. Now that I've dipped my hand into the crab bucket, lets see how many of you latch on

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Racebating /pol/ aside, wallace seems to be liked only within the bounds of his inner circle, if even that much (see "painting myself using hate comments") His artwork is of negligible, all things considered. I do feel like, if your focus is really on improving as an artist, you shouldn't be wasting so much time making such irrelevant content. That comes with a grain of salt though because here I am posting on a banglanese basket weaving forum in my off time

One issue is his insistent need to jump on these bandwagons and create witch hunts about other artists over minor issues. The first video I remember watching of his, was the ross draws one where he creates a montage of the amount of shit and ill will he has already created in the community, all with the undercurrent with this being some sort of an award to him. This means, at most he is just a troll and will get passed over while other art channels of relevance and importance will continue to thrive. And soon the drama well will dry up and he will be left creating lackluster paintings and content, wishing he invested more time into videos where he explored fundamental concepts more so he could have actually bettered himself

I guess the main reason I'm writing all of this is because I think its likely you posting this, D'angelo. And I feel like you got a sense of how mismanaged your time is when you took down your second wlop painting due to its lack of quality. Since then, you've only done joke videos. Why not take a hiatus to get your skill level back to a comfortable quality? And then get back to producing content where you focus on bettering yourself and grasping content? it will be better for you in the long run

or, I mean, you can include me in the video you make about this thread, if it doesn't make you too uncomfortable

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>tfw living in a third world country and charging western comission rates.

I'm making 3x more money than working in a studio or whatever wagecuck job with my degree.

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