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post a sadcat meme trust me

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Hey I used to go to a group whiteboard that was like a sort of MS Paint with a chatroom called Pendako.

Anyhow I was looking to find or host another one but all the white boards are like for businesses looking to think tank up a product or something. Does anyone know of any good things that are fun social doodling sites? I used to do Oekaki too but those are too solo.

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tumblr as fuck

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i wound up going far beyond my comfortable capabilities in making an image that turned out half nicely to me and it was discouraging enough in how long it took not to mention the fact that when it came time for any manner of coloring/shading/rendering job I was shit out of luck for a method. I resolved to go back and learn very fundamental stuff from the bottom up in order to take all of this seriously and actually have a basis of knowledge for it all. only just now approaching t.loomis figure drawing with some serious focus and boy am I happy to be back on this subject matter past section drawing and perspective stuff because the character that I drew was very difficult to get looking nice with the contours of their body, but I am happy with it especially as something so basal

U w U

I really like the uniformity in the lines that you're using and my one immediate thing to point out would be that the break into the wrist from the palm itself is quite raised and sharp, to use my crude phrasing.

best wishes to you all

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