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Ah. There are no books that explain flow that I know of. Your best bet is to read a bunch of good manga and try analyzing how paneling work.

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Any good book on manga paneling/flow/composition?

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>"gesture" doesnt exist, so thats your first mistake - if you truly believed in technical drawing you would admit that as a concept its a load of crock.

Someone simply just couldn't graduate feel school. It's okay bro not everyone is able to wield the ability of the flow.
>if you believe that 3D can be advantageous as a reference when it comes to backgrounds, theres no reason that the same references cant be used for humans as well. 3D forms are 3D forms.

Backgrounds nobody really cares about/people spend on average less than 30 seconds on each panel. It's there to fill in the gaps. Tite Kubo got away with barely any backgrounds so guess what was most important....that's right, the characters. Do you really think Tite Kubo used a 3D model for every little thing he drew? Do you think that Tite Kubo does not do gesture drawing to draw impact fight scenes?

You can run away from the fundamentals anon but you'll always be a hack.

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