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>It's easy bro
>Just have your very prestigious and influential parents enroll you under the tutelage of the current living masters or in the best art academies in the world all expenses paid for so you can learn in 100 mistakes instead of 100 lifetimes of mistakes bro

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>It's really hard to measure the effect of better genetics' impact on the brain and intelligence in art
>Therefore it doesn't exist
>It's easy bro
>Just break the boundaries of time, space and reality and change the events of this timeline to have your very own soul born in a better upbringing environment all while putting in place more favourable circumstances through your entire life bro

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>Just don't have the problem at all bro
>Just be asian bro
>Just be in a car accident bro

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>broadcasted in Japan on 1998
>released in America on 2001
>director's vision of the show was to make a Lupin in space with a bounty hunter theme

>cowboy bebop is the first anime I saw on toonami therefore it's made for the west

>Syd Mead designs is not for west too right

Are you fucking insane, tomino literally just tell him to go wild but maintain a vague gundam aesthetics.

Turn A is filled to the brim with jap humor, references to jap culture and was meant to be the result of ALL the gundam shows that has released up to the point of Turn A.

By that time the only mainstream Gundam show in the west was Wing, while the show features huge chunks of OYW mechas for both fanservice and thematic reasons

why are americans so fucking arrogant

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