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It's all just marketing anon. Ya fell for it.

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>tell retards on /ic/ to learn fundies
>tell retards on /mu/ to learn music theory
>tell retards on /lit/ to study storytelling
>they make the same excuses (I'm just an amateur, is my style, X artist (famous artists who never learned the theory -which his work clearly shows mistakes-) didn't learned the theory, learning theory kills the magic and fun of that skill
>get tired of dealing with the same BS I also made when I was beggining and that made me stagnate several years before I decided to actually study the theory
No, go fuck yourself retards, everyone of you N-retards.
Not gonna help you anymore retards.
You're on your own

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Clearly, I'm not claiming shit, i'm just trying to get a good base image for reference.

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>"Adolf Hitler"

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Just don't draw porn of lolis?

>but I need to draw porn of lolis
just don't do it?

>but I need to draw lolis
just make them cute without getting dick?

>but I really really need to draw porn of anime girls
just don't make them underage

>but I really really really need to draw underaged anime girls getting dick
just don't do that shit and stop being a pedophile?

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>All my life people on 4chan complained my proportions were wrong
>really confused because I was following loomis but people still tell me they were wrong
>get into some argument today
>someone explains I use harvin proportions

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>tfw every anime picture I see on the internet has begginer mistakes

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Do profesional artists and by professional I mean old masters, when they were doing stuff from imagination, did they draw the bones and muscles and other studies like folds before attempting the real drawing?

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these threads in a nutshell
>anon posts literally anything
>amazing job anon, I'd give you a full 20$
>anon posts badly drawn futa porn
>it's shit, 120$
>I sold it for 400$
>You should raise your prices anon, I draw in mspaint over DA templates for that much

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