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If Wahmen so superior then why Muh Poor Wahmens Victimz... checkmate Womantheist

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The Japanese refer to both animation and comics as "Manga" therefore, I'm not wrong.

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completely justified reaction

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>give us something new you dont want us to know about
Okay, I'm a member of a super duper secret society that knows how to make a drug better than Adrenochrome and without human sacrifice, but I ain't sharing any of it with you.
Also, unlike you, the entities I hang out with are pretty chill.

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The cashier at the art supply store is a mega cutie. I can't tell if she's a hapa or just Asian but in any case she is very hot. One day she will notice me.

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>Wanna be artist since 2005
>Talentless jackshit
>post work over 10+ year include deleted works
>nobody not a single fucking person liked my work
>do not even give a shit, got a job and distracted by doing another stuff

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>get off 4chan and interact with a real human being just once, please
You can't make me go outside.

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Still waiting for you to refute this, you can't.

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plottwist; both were drawn by the same person...who mass debated before while and after drawing both pictures AND recieving the international acclaim...

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Not my problem.

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Hamptom >loomis

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>Jewgle and Kikedex
There fify

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>having to pay
I'm never paying—can't make me.

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Your style is fun, Janon! Really reminds me of something vibrant and free-spirited.

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Hey thats quite a neat improvement my dude

>nothing soothes the soul like drawing with ink or pencil.
As a former and current ink chad as well, I wholy agree with that, nothing quite like inking a page, I haven't found that same feeling in digital

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i prefer to hold his hand while drawing with him, so no i won't join in.

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You would get way more Recognition and Love from /poo/ if you drew Pepes

Please make us some Pepe's
Wojaks too pls

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i just wanna drop that i love my 10 year old intuos4m the same as i did first day.
not even jelly for a cintiq - will probably buy a wacom one some day exclusively for lineart.

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my fanbox has 67 supporters now
if I can keep this going I can live off of cute and funny art for the rest of my life

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