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Howdy /ic/

I have a doubt about which color system is the best and what's the difference between Munsell Color System and Pantone.

Both companies were acquired by Xrite, so this company owns everything now.

I know that the Munsell Color System is the basis of how to see colors. But what's difference between that and Pantone?

I know that Pantone became really popular in the 2000's because of a lot of marketing stunts and the popularization of Apple and graphic design.

But the only real advantage I see, is the fact that Pantone can translate CMYK to printer really well. And the good sounding names they give to colors, some, which are tie-ins with brands. Again, I see too much marketing there.

Why not only use CMYK?
What's its realation with Munsell CS? Is it based on it?

Not sure if it's a /gd/ or /ic/, since it's related to both, so I'm posting in both boards.

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