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So I'm shopping around for a new graphic (non-display) pen tablet, and have an extremely limited budget of 200 bucks. I've been using an iPad with the apple pencil 1 + procreate, and it's worked out okay but I'm looking to make some workflow improvements and get a better handle on PS and get some sculpting experience in Blender.

I'd want an intuos pro medium but that's out of budget and wacom for under 200 is... well. You know. Way too tiny. From what I understand Huion's got better build quality but terrible customer service and tech-support, while XP-Pen's got flimsier hardware but good or great customer service?

I'm leaning towards the XP Pen Deco Pro or the Huion Q11k. I'm really looking to speed up my workflow and so the wheel on the Deco Pro seems pretty attractive to me right now.
P.S: How rough is the beginning when switching to a non-display tablet? It's a pretty divisive topic with strong opinions on either side. Just wondering how long I can expect it to take me to get used to it because I'm trying to take on more work now.

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