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>>4 hours interview.
Nobody said you had to watch it all at once bro, but there is some pretty useful knowledge in there. It's not essential viewing or anything but if you want to know what working in japan drawing manga is like from a western perspective then it's worth watching.
Here, I'll even TLDW it for you a bit:
>shit's a LOT of work. Like, you won't be doing anything other than drawing or attending editor meetings
>the editors generally work just as hard, even the fucking editor in the chief is working to 3am on the average work day despite having a family
>you will be poor as SHIT until you start selling tankoubons, and probably even then
>even just making it to 3 volumes is a big fucking deal, most people barely even make it to one or two
>you will NEED to know the language. Period.
>you don't actually need to move to japan to work as a mangaka though so don't think you have no choice there, but no matter what you'll still need to be around to correspond with your editor basically 24/7
>you'll spend a LOT of your time drawing and redrawing your names, not even just the first chapter. They WILL tell you to redo your shit, probably many times over, because their job is to get the very best work out of you, and that means making you writing 100+ pages to be cut down to 50 pages or whatever
>even the big deal mangaka don't feel secure in their job, he doesn't name names here but he talks about a mangaka he goes out to drink with basically saying they have no fuckin' idea where they're going to be in 5 years. and that's because...
>once your work is done there is absolutely no guarantee you will work again. they make you go through the entire pitching process all over again, only this time possibly even harder because they WILL just reject everything with the same mindset of just making you throw so much shit at the wall they can just pick and choose the best ideas. oh yeah and you won't be getting paid while you're pitching lol get fucked.

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I'm saving this. Thank you so much

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I'm never gonna to get into Calarts its been 4 years since high school and I'm still goddamn shit. What the fuck am I going to do there are 16-17 year olds I know who can draw me into the ground.

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