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np kid, np

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To satisfy your heart you make art
You want to be better to satisfy your yearning for fun and expression, this is why knowledge and experience are here if you work on yourself you will strive into infinity with nothing to limit you other than the span of your lifetime. After you learn for some time you will see things differently, youll see the world in a new light of curiosity and observation, analyzing and internalizing all you see just like when you were young which is all learning anything you love is, it is being naive and going into things not hoping for anything but for discovering what is on uncharted land... tldr draw when you want, learn and make things YOU care about and you will never be bored or unhappy, treat all of life the same way and nothing is impossible, soul is just you being you and noone else

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Took you guys long enough to start figuring this out, even if you werent drawing you were thinking about it in some way. Observation, deconstruction and reconstruction in your mind and on paper is equally important, you will find things and try to understand them, getting knowledge and experience in the process, the same way youd think about that math problem on the test you couldnt solve in bed, and then youd figure it out. Your gut will lead you most of the way, in my own experience everytime i forced it i stagnated, the moment i let my heart take the lead it becomes clear so dont worry too much, observe things and learn what others have spent their lives figuring out for us, keep growing my friend

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