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It's not cheating but a convenient tool that should only be used to meet deadlines. 3D tracing greatly saves time but makes your art look bland, stiff, and boring, aka 'soulless'.

Look at these examples:
They don't look bad but they don't look great either. I don't feel anything when looking at them. If you use 3D traced art, use it for filler stuff, panels, or moments that don't matter and you don't have enough time to draw them on your own.
Use your actual creativity, skills, and time for the big things that leave an impact and impression on people.

This one >>7196046 might be the worst one. There's so much effort put into everything else but the base being 3D makes it so boring and lifeless.
There's an attractive woman with her tits out but I feel nothing. My dick didn't even twitch. Only a madman would be able to masturbate to this. Might as well trace AI if you refuse to put emotion and creativity into your art.

Using 3D as a crutch will slowly stagnate and devolve your creativity and skills, as there is no wiggle room for improvements and different approaches anymore.
No evolution or creativity can take place, for the base template will always stay the same with the same low resistance.
You will rob yourself of your own flawed and ever-changing humanity. Your art will be perfect in shape and form without any expression or emotion behind it, just like pic related.

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