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No you haven't made it.

Obviously success is subjective but if you want an art career you will also need to know technical drawing and perspective.

You obviously understand foreshortening but if you practiced creating artworks within the cone of vision it would really help your growth. As well as learning photoshop and maybe doing drawing constructed (or at least planned out) and done in the cone of vision. Think original artworks with precise planned out lighting, shadows as well as buildings/characters.

Basically, you should push your realism skills, even if you don't want to do realism. Because the skills you get are applicable to anything you draw no matter what style.

Just like Value>saturation>hue is true in anything, from a realistic painting to a key frame from adventure time to a Quentin Tarantino film, understanding of color theory, perspective and constructive drawing will empower you to create anyth from imagination form any angle in high fidelity.

Basically get so more theory and practice drawing from imagination, reference is OK but don't trace.

Pic related is my work, it's not amazing but a year ago I couldn't draw a person.

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