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See the thing is, that we want to be picked. So Chicocalte picks the strongest image from the previous thread to show the other generals how boss we are. As an artist who busts ass, and works hard I live for the day I make it to the OP image. I have made it once in 5 years. I don't care so much after the first time but I know other people who set personal goals for themselves and we all would like to see our stuff featured.

Anyone can just post their own stuff. Chicocalte is a neutralish 3rd party who we trust to be as impartial as possible. Obnoxious tripfags, and attentio whores with voices in their heads can produce good stuff too but sometimes they dont make the cut. Its up to Chicocalte to decide and not some cal arts wanna be with zero fucking time invested and who just wants to slide on the minimum of the minimum effort.

Cartoon general, this used to be anime stylization general, then alternative, now its cartoon general fuck off cal arts fags. Some of us want to get better and not just be contempt to draw red nose cartoon network porn or MLP with fat asses.

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