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1: Post a brief backstory if your OC has one.

2: Character design critique and discussion is welcome.

3: Keep it fairly SFW. Lewds are fine but no explicit porn.

4: This is NOT a request thread. Artist ONLY. No spamming OC/infodumps for multiple threads without delivering.

5: Be sure to thank Drawfrens for their hard work as soon as you can, it's just common courtesy :^)

6: Avoid off-topic discussions and DO NOT respond to bait posts.

7: Leave all the chit-chat out unless to thank drawfrens. Draw more and talk less.

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Finished! I hope you’ll like it. Your character designs are great! I like how different they are from each other but seem to belong to the same universe.
Thank you very much anon! She’s really cute in your style. I like her fearless expression and the hand perspective. Do you have an OC I can draw?
Thank you for drawing Elerith! I like the version with the background more, it makes the colours more fitting. There is a very interesting vibe from your drawing’ feels very mysterious.
Thank you anon for your drawing! Heh that’s probably the face she would make the first time she put it on. Yes, the helmet belonged to someone much bigger. Please post your OC!

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