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Not to mention the idea of bringing life into current year, having them go to P.O.W camps called public schools where they'll get pozzed left and right by teachers, drag queens, social media, mainstream media, their faggot peers raised by faggot parents. Face it, you'd be a monster if you subjected new life to this in the guise of you 'doing your part', which in itself shows you have no redeeming qualities or any impact in society. So why should I care about you with that in mind?

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Can I get some help on how to learn from styles? I thought I should study different cartoons/anime to add to my visual library, but it's overwhelming with how I find so many personal choices made during the process. Even with Masters works you'll see unique "signatures" when broken down into basic forms. How do I apply this to my own creativity?

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Yea thats kind of what that guy meant we said getting burned out
What Im saying is, it shouldnt be taking 6 months to realize that what you've been doing everyday for 4 hours isnt very effective. Try and think all meta about your learning before AND after you draw for a little while, and even when youre not drawing. Some of the most significant milestones I think I've made have been in my head while watching art related videos, or just thinking about these kind of things in other parts of your day. Just because youre not drawing doesnt mean you shouldnt be thinking of ways of improving/ making it easier for yourself to improve. In fact you could say it may be easier in some cases since it can allow you to step back and consider things on a larger scale or in ways you cant while in the midst of drawing. My two cents.

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I think comments would allow people who wanna hear what people have to say without having to go through these threads and people who dont care/think its dumb/like shitposting can just ignore them. If they do get implemented I think people should have the ability to check a box and not see comments at all so that they can continue using LAS as the like.

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>It's easy! Just draw an ellipse!

I feel like this futile without learning anatomy.

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