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People often assume old art is magic so let me explain you how this sculpture was made (probably, techniques changed with time so I might be plain fukcing wrong about it lmao)
at first the artist was fucking around with clay. Looking for a design that satisfied him/his client. Clay model was sacrificed to make a mold.
gypsym casts were made.
Precise measurements of the cast were made and compared to the stone block they had.
artists students put the measurments on to the block by drilling holes (they did that because it's busy work. similarly painters apprentices spent their days grinding rocks, flowers, bugs and other shite to a fine powder to make pigments)
Master delagated his students to carving different parts of the sculpture out. He personally did only the things that were especially easy to fuck up.
this sculpture seems to be made out of 3 pieces of stone which can explain the cool hollow stomach.

tl;dr that kind of sculpture is replicable. You just have to know how it was made

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