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He needs to at least tag his fanart properly if he's going to take the time to do it, for one thing.

It's like he'll only remember to use a hashtag for fanart of something like Mischief Makers, a game that probably sold 40 copies in the U.S. that nobody cared about then and nobody cares about now (even if they should) and disregard it for art of anything that would actually get him some attention. Making that mistake consistently is a surefire way to languish in obscurity for years to come.

Even if things look bad now though, his situation could reverse very quickly because he's pretty fuckin' good. OP on the other hand is just another petty, obese /ic/ bucket crab who's definitely not gonna make it.

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We would have won the biggest local tournament (I'm aware of) back in 200...9(?) But our shot caller lost a 1v1 in the last, tie breaking round after a couple hair-raising back and forth games. Bummer! Good times though!


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Yeah that $600 deficit is despite having received a dollar raise actually. I'm going to have to live and eat like a caged animal to not go completely bankrupt real quick, but if I didn't think there was a chance I wouldn't take it. If I zero out my bank account in the two years or so I'd anticipate to, but get to where I want to be artistically in the end, I'll be happy. If I can't? Well that'll be proof enough that maybe this isn't for me, or at least that I shouldn't take it so seriously.


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That is me actually, I just typically don't like to bring too much unwarranted attention to myself if you know what I'm talmbout.

You put something into a thread like this you should get something out, even if that something is a hastily made and dubious critique riddled with grammatical errors and run-on sentences from a 31 year old neckbeard that draws worse than a middle schooler himself. That's what I believe anyway.

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> doesn't use reference like it's something to be proud
> hasn't improved in like two years
> repeat the same shit from imagination day after day between shitpost sessions.
>never seen anything by him that looks remotely finished

Fuck, i'm reading about myself

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Regardless of what I am outside of it, in the art world, even within the low-brow, vapid kind of expressions of it that I strive so unsuccessfully to produce, I'll never be anything more than a fat little tuna trying in vain to swim upstream. I'm not going to make it...-and I'm devastated. I haven't drawn for several weeks. I'm not going to stop drawing, I just don't have any pretensions of success anymore.


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You seem like a nice guy (or girl~), Believe me I'm not trying to beat you up or make you feel depressed about your situation but your story as it pertains to RISD is important and is one that ought to be told to completion.

As an aside, just because OP's been accepted does not mean he's locked into going at all as far as I know. Classes don't begin for him for well over a month and he could easily walk away after some light paperwork if he so chooses I would imagine.


First, you haven't even said anything outright negative, you've only been honest about things that were negative i.e. the complete lie that "6 gorillion percent of people that graduate from this school have a job after they leave". This is something they might be able to be sued for, even. If you still have that survey you should post it so we can compare it to how they use post graduation employment rates to promote their school.

Second, nobody gives a shit about what you say with regards to your alma mater; in fact Noah Bradley was doing quite well for himself (before getting cucked by a creepy hipster) almost exclusively BECAUSE he spoke negatively about his alma mater and it went viral (he also attended RISD btw fambino, but dropped out because of the insane tuition rates). With where you're at right now, you have absolutely nothing to lose or to fear. Gnomesaiyan?

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Don't get conned into thinking you should settle for a shitty tablet just because it's your first one.

That's like...the opposite of what you should do, lmoa.

The difference between something that blows wiener and one that doesn't is at worst a couple hundred dollars, and it will save you countless hours of frustration that no one should will upon themselves, let alone come out of pocket for. All of these goofy moulinyans talking their Medium tablets up would probably have made it by now if they hadn't spent the past 5 years drawing on a tablet the size of four Totino's® Pizza Rolls that fused together in the microwave.


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This is true, but I would nonetheless advocate for temperance in employment for those young enough to manage it. There are very few jobs that don't take more than their fair share of mental and physical energy from those engaged in them. Having your own money, alleviating your parents' burden to a degree and making your own purchasing decisions is very important, but at the same time you have your entire life to work.

This is more directed at the 18 year olds and those in their early 20s, but if art is something you'd like to take seriously you'd do well to strongly consider limiting your working hours to 15-20 a week. Spend more of your time during the week refreshed and spend what money you have to sit in on local life-drawing sessions, classes at an atelier, employing a capable tutor (online or off) or simply saving for your own near future when the support network provided by your parents is ultimately removed.

Avoid exorbitant debts, but don't be so quick to fully commit yourself to working either if not absolutely necessary. This is the advice I'd offer myself if I were 16 again.


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That's nice. Most of us here are interested in drawing though.

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Delet this

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